Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For a Good Time, Watch For a Good Time, Call…

I’d seen the trailer a few times, and as the loyal feminist I am, pledged to myself that I would see the female-centered, lady-written comedy, For a Good Time, Call… , despite not being that excited from the trailer. One day, after reading an interview with writer Katie Naylon on her experience with the film and her brief college experience with phone sex, and seeing that it was available for rent on Amazon, I queued it up.
And ohhhhhhhmyeffinggod, it was amazing. 
Lauren, an uptight girl whose plans come crashing down, and Katie, a free spirit with an expensive apartment, are forced to live together out of economic necessity. Lauren soon discovers that one of Katie’s many strange jobs is working as a phone sex operator, and when she realizes that she can’t get back on her feet so easily, she and Katie become business partners, and finally learn to like each other.

What I loved about the movie was how the characters eschewed bland stereotypes—which tend to be a hallmark of female driven comedies (even perfectly funny and fun comedies like Pitch Perfect). Lauren isn’t the typical uptight RomCom girl who needs to be broken by a fun man—she actually finds herself on her own (and with the help of Katie). And Lauren isn’t a ditzy slut—she is much more layered than that. Also Justin Long as their best gay friend Jesse was fantastic. 
The core of the movie really explores female friendships, which is something that if you ever talk to me for more than 30 seconds, I am obsessed with. But where many other movies about female relationships kind of fall short, For a Good Time triumphs. While the two girls’ romantic relationships are an aspect of the movie, ultimately it’s is about the two of them and the story of their unlikely friendship. 
So, please please pleeeaaase do yourself a favor and watch this movie. I have already downloaded it on iTunes so I can watch it everyday forever. 
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