Friday, November 23, 2012

What's Happening on FOXJUICE

This happened last week but I'm still going to brag about it. I follow Muffy Aldrich's blog The Daily Prep because she's more or less New England royalty, and wrote a post on Foxjuice about how some commenters reacted when she congratulated President Obama called "'Political' and 'Apolitical' Spaces." It's awesome, you should read it, and Muffy Aldrich reblogged it on her tumblr. Now I'm so embarrassed I made a joke with a swear in it!

Christine has a good rant on why Dresses do NOT mean 'easy access'-- you are welcome to be enraged and grossed out that some people do think that.

Here's a sweet powerpoint by our favorite TA Foxjuicer Beth on the Politics of Female Sexuality! Doesn't this make you wish you were a freshman sociology major?!?

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