Saturday, July 14, 2012

This Week on Foxjuice... Virginity!!

This week on FOXJUICE we're talking about THE FIRST TIME. Yep, we're metaphorically bearing it all to tell the tales of our fun, awkward, painful, disappointing, and wonderful first times. The Foxjuice writers have submitted our own stories, but we also want to hear from you! 

Virginity is not treated well in our society, and so this series is doing a little bit of myth-busting. Rose-petals? Blood? Vanessa Carlton White Houses? Nicholas Sparks love-filled fireworks? Whatever you think virginity loss is like, we're telling you what it was like for us. And PLEASE add your own voice to the conversation! I've read all the posts from ourselves that are scheduled to go up throughout the week and some of the reader submissions we've gotten so far and I love them. They are so stinkin' great to read and it has been interesting to read stories that some of my nearest and dearest friends had never told me before. I recommend you click on over to Foxjuice (and the foxy talks tag) and check up on 'em throughout the week. And if you want to submit... PLEASE DO! The more the merrier! Here are the guidelines for submissions.

- If you wish to remain anonymous, your wish is our command.
- Keep the posts to 500 words or less.
- And we are publishing it all, no discrimination round here!
Keep ‘em short and sweet and send them our way, we are excited! … Email us at

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