Monday, July 23, 2012

This Week on Foxjuice... Click Moments!

We're on a new series! FEMINIST CLICK MOMENTS!
For most of us who identify as feminists, there is usually a moment or a series of moments that lead us to the "Feminist Click." That special moment where your pride, outrage, frustration, and passion crystalize into a little, "A-ha," or maybe a big fucking "A-HA!" and you can never see the world the same way again. Movies, music, the news, jokes, comments you friends and parents say... you now see and hear everything with different eyes and ears. YOU are a feminist.
And maybe this is a quiet realization. You don't have to be Erin Brockovich or Alice Paul and all of a sudden become a public advocate for your beliefs. After all, it's a hostile world out there for feminists. You don't want to be called a killjoy or a feminazi or a man-hater or be belittled for something that you think is fucking important. Maybe the baggage of the f-word seems too heavy. So your click remains small and private, but it's something you can't go back from.
Or maybe your click is more like an explosion. You just can't keep that shit in. Fuck the haters, you're a feminist now and you're not going to keep quiet.
Whether you're a loud, public feminist or have never called yourself a feminist out-loud, WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR FEMINIST CLICK MOMENT!
We will be sharing ours and want to add yours to the conversation.
  • send your story in a message on tumblr or to
  • try to keep it to 500 words or less. 
  • no matter how mundane or dramatic, send 'em in!

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