Monday, July 23, 2012


‎"This Is My Body is a women's rights advocacy video created in response to the attacks on women's health and reproductive rights that have occurred throughout 2012." 



  1. A poem about mothers by Hungarian Cardinal, Joseph Mindszenty

    The Most Important Person on earth is a mother.
    She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral.
    She need not.
    She has built something more magnificent than any cathedral,
    A dwelling for an immortal soul, the tiny perfection of her baby's body…
    The angels have not been blessed with such a grace.
    They cannot share in God's creative miracle to bring new saints to Heaven.
    Only a human mother can.
    Mothers are closer to God the Creator than any other creature;
    God joins forces with mothers in performing this act of creation…
    What on God's good earth is more glorious than this:
    To be a mother?

  2. i clicked the link, expecting some chick to show her chubby ass with some caption like "This is my body! It is beautiful even though it's not ultra thin!". I like thick chicks. I am dissapointed.