Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So Excited.

In news of other movies I'm excited for, Pitch Perfect looks hilarious and awesome.

I'm totally biased toward loving everything Anna Kendrick does, because, as I tell everyone, she is from Portland, ME, and when I was like 8 I was in the younger version of the choir she was in and got to hear her do solos and thought she was really good. NBD whatever.

I love a'cappella music. I did it in high school and it consumed me. I've watched the Sing Off (the most recent one featured the Dartmouth group that one of my friends from high school was in, he was like the star, also NDB. I'm ready to send videos of him being embarrassing as a 17 year old to TMZ when he gets famous), which is what this show is based off, and noticed that all-girl groups don't tend to make it as far. Actually, in most of the a'cappella watching and listening I've done (a lot), guys groups tend to get the most attention. There are some really good ones that are mixed or all-girl, but all male a'cappella tends to dominate. I like that this movie is about the pitfalls that the all-girl group faces (singing boring songs, facing douchebags), but also OVERCOMING THEM.

It looks funny and has an all-star female cast... I'm pumped!

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