Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh Boy.

Okay, besides the fact that this is like clearly a Bridesmaids (one of my all-time favorites) knock off, this looks freaking awesome.

Isla Fisher + Lizzie Caplan + Rebel Wilson + Kristen Dunst (doing something other than looking sad) + bachelorette party antics = ... yes.

As pointed out on Jezebel... hopefully this doesn't mean that every movie about raunchy ladies is centered around someone getting married, but like, I will freakin take it. This looks like Mean Girls meets the Hangover meets Bridesmaids. I'm totally okay with this. Bridesmaids are hilarious! Let's go with it. As I'm getting to the age where people I am friends with are actually getting married, I'm alright with this. I went to my first bachelorette party recently and we went camping. Not like the movies. In any case, I'm looking forward to more. A good friend got engaged recently and she was like, "Oh you better be at my bachelorette party." My response was, "You know I love opportunities for making people wear tiaras with penises on them. I will be there." She and I have been friends long enough that she knows I am serious.

You know... I mean, someday, when Hollywood has gotten over this whole, "Wait... we can have a movie about women doing crazyass ish and women and men will go see it and it will make a lot of money... hmm"-thing, since they're still apparently only comfortable putting women in familiar movie situations (preparing for a wedding!), we'll get ... you know, a normal comedy where women are the main characters and also are hilarious and no one gets married. Wouldn't that be crazy? Maybe too crazy. Maybe too crazy for 2012. If the world doesn't end this year, maybe 2013. Then again, if Romney gets elected this year, the world could end, and if it doesn't, we'll be living in a country run by a man who doesn't drink coffee or alcohol. And no fun will be had then.

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