Monday, July 9, 2012

Feminist Break Up Playlist

Sometimes feminists are sad about break ups. And maybe when you're happy you can love listening to Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill or Don't Let Go by En Vogue and Patsy Cline and all them and totally be into the wallowy sadness of powerful ladies, but ... sometimes you're just tryna get through, you wanna listen to something that reflects your state of mind, and like... not wallow. You can only eat so many brownies and cry so many tears. And maybe your break up isn't like, that tragic as Etta Jame's I'd Rather Go Blind. Know what girl? You do you. Here's a playlist to reflect that.

This is like... the ultimate. Being single is awesome! I am myself! I have time to do all this crap! I'll date later! Whatever! Woo-hoo!

Oh, the Dixie Chicks have their share of sad songs. But if you're feeling sad and angry... here's your tune.

And when you're feeling reeaaally bitter, Miranda Lambert is your girl.

One thousand duhs.

Divas make everything better, and Mariah Carey's "whatever, told you so" anthem is great. Shake it off, baby, shake it off.

Okay, no one said break ups were fun, but who said they had to be all bad? Who said life wouldn't go on? Rilo Kiley didn't. You'll get through it. OOH! AIR! FEELS GOOD TO BE FREE!

Neil Sedaka's Breaking Up is Hard to Do is like... standard fair, but the fast version is so deliciously upbeat that you can't feel sad. Also, watching old man Sedaka sing this in 2008 is so adorable that you will feel like your adorable grandpa is giving you advice.

Sleater Kinney says it's hard, but it will be okay. And Sleater Kinney knows ALL.

If you're feeling especially angry. Kelly and Trina will channel your pain.

OH. DID YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE THIS SONG? It is the #18 most played song on my iTunes. It's like slow-jammy 90s Brandy and Monica goodness with a 2012 fix ("So log off your facebook!") and it is awesome. It's a little wallowy, but mostly about being strong enough to get that man out.

As Britney says in the beginning of this video, "Whatever."

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