Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Mountain State vs. Friday Night Lights

I recently read Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men by Michael Kimmel. I'd like to do a more in-depth post on Guyland in the future, but as I have also of late been watching Blue Mountain State and Friday Night Lights on Netflix, I've been doing a lot of thinking about masculinity. For whatever reason I don't care about actual sports, I love TV/movies about sports. They're usually awesome. 

No debate about it, Blue Mountain State is a shitty show. It is bad on a million levels. It is racist, it is sexist, it promotes rape culture, it is badly written, and basically a show written by and for dudes who worship at the thrown of machismo, irresponsibility, and boobs. Just take a look at the opening. It sums it up.  The show is less about a football team (at a fictional school modeled off Penn State-type football machines) than it is about the boozy, sexy hijinks of its players. 

The show's gopher-faced star, Alex, is the back up QB, whose goal in college is to sleep with as many women as possible, be drunk and high as often as possible, and play as few games as possible. He eschews "traditional" values, going to college for learning, being in romantic relationships, having responsibility, playing football for the love of it. Instead, he is a Guyland fantasy. Alex has girls offering to sleep with him at every bend. He gets all the perks of being on a good team without a lot of the effort. In one episode a women pays him $100 to sleep with him. Alex lives the fantasy of Guyland, and sums up the culture that Michael Kimmel describes as boxing men in. It's not that there aren't people who think Alex has it all and this is the ideal. However, this is what culture (& Spike TV, the "man channel") push on men and say, "This is what you should want." It's three seasons of crap. While there were many moments of the show that I thought, "This should could be funny... if it were a parody," it's really not good. Certainly it does poke fun at some elements of football machismo, for example, the team captain doping up on rabies, the show isn't smart enough to actually accomplish anything other than being a sloppy excuse for its viewers to vicariously sleep with lots of big-boobied coeds. 

On the other hand, Friday Night Lights is the shit. I love love love it so far. I'm only halfway through the first season, but this is a quality show. While there are differences between BMS and FNL (BMS is college/FNL is high school, BMS is a comedy/FNL is a drama, etc), I can't help but watch Friday Night Lights and think to myself, "They got masculinity right." In the fictional town of Dillon, Texas, football rules. As one of the best teams in the country, the football players of the Dillon Panthers are treated like stars and coddled by the town. Their mess-ups mean little when they win games. The cheerleaders act as de-facto girlfriends or groupies. But the show is multi-layered. Each player struggles with being a man in a world where people both baby them and treat them like kings. The star QB is paralyzed in a football accident the first episode, and then struggles to regain his identity while he learns how to function as a paraplegic. The back-up QB lacks confidence and experience, but when thrust into the spotlight has a hard time balancing other people's expectations, his responsibilities at home, and his need to provide for his senile grandmother while his father is deployed in Iraq. Other characters deal with race, socio-economic differences, family problems, broken homes, relationships, and growing up. 

And most of all, Friday Night Lights passes the fucking Bechdel Test. The show is certainly not about women, but the female characters are more than mere decorations. The coach's wife has to struggle with the town's expectations of her and her own expectations, and she's a freaking boss. She gets a job as a guidance counselor at Dillon and is really freaking good at it. The disabled QB's cheerleader girlfriend has to deal with being called a slut when her infidelity goes public. And the coach's daughter Julie is strong in the face of her dad when she decides to date the QB. 

Each of the main and supporting characters, whether male or female or football player or not is an interesting person with a personality, past and goals, and the show's writers treat them with respect. I'm so looking forward to watching the rest of the show (although one of my friends told me season 2 is "meh," season 5 is the bomb) because I really feel like there aren't a lot of shows about men that treat them with this kind of sensitivity and respect. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of shows about men, but we don't often get to watch this level of careful character development with men. It's nice. 


  1. Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. And Tammy and Coach Taylor's relationship is one of the most well done relationships on TV

  2. You pretty much just summed up why BMS was an amazing show for men who like beautiful slutty women, alcohol, and reckless behavior. I am one of those men. I find it fascinating and rather insulting that you push your feminist ideals on a (cancelled) TV show which caters to a certain group of men who enjoy a good laugh. I don't like Tyler Perry's shows or movies, but I don't knock him for what he provides for his black AND white viewers. The offense I take is not because you think BMS is a terrible show, but rather you see men like me as terrible people. Tell me tell you something: If I'm a loyal husband who is tolerant of all religions and sexual preferences, how am I the asshole if I drink beer on Sundays with my buddies and also like the fact that my soul-mate (a female, that I have sex with in many wonderful ways) isn't a card carrying member of the "I Don't 'Need' A Man Club"? I don't know your sexual preference and I don't mean to offend you by assuming anything, but I would just love to know what you think a real man is, and what kind of man you would prefer. A lot of men in the real world are hardwired to be sexually attracted to women because of sexy, slutty, and alluring things that click on a biological switch that tells us, "she's hot, and I want to have sex with her." If you don't believe me, ask anyone who has ever been born about how they were conceived, I'm willing to bet that 99.99% of them will tell you that two people got it on, barring some kind of test tube experiment and what not. My point is, is that there is nothing to be ashamed of about being sexy, wild, or fun, as long as you're not putting people in danger. Real life danger, not 'dangerous' to some cult-like morals that you read in a magazine or heard from 'so and so's' older sister when you were a teenager. Without sluttiness, hormonal expression, and downright fun, we would have a lot less people on earth, and a lot more needless control. There's a difference between self expression, and being a full blown retard. I like sex, but I'm not about to go cheat on my wife, impregnate a few women, and catch one of the three H's (or more, ew). I like my car, but I'm not going to red-line it through an active school zone. I will watch BMS though, while eating heart clogging wings and brain killing alcohol because I'm pretty awesome and I don't need permission to do so. There's a huge difference between female and feminist, as there is between male, and full-blown raging dickhead.

  3. Go make me a sandwich slut or blow me. If you dont agree to doing either of those then you should go Die. You are a feminist. If you aren't feeding or fucking a man then there is no place for you on this earth.

  4. Jesus people are fucking rude. Anons, i'm pretty sure u didn't fully read/understand the point of the article. however most recent anon, u really are a terrible person to the core. I for one enjoyed the article and I agree BMS is terrible on every level. My roommate is watching it now and I just listen to it and watch some of it but I can't stand it. I can feel myself getting stupid as I watch it it is just horrible. Your description of it was dead on.

  5. I however, a women, enjoyed watching BMS very much. Sure I noticed that it was more about partying then rather football. The show its self the story line was iffy at some parts, but I got a good laugh out of the show. It is slutty at most parts, yet that's what college is. If it wasn't for sluttyness, college wouldn't be as fun, bold, & adventurous to dare your friend to chug a beer or strip dance. BMS is a well told story in my book.

  6. You sound and look like a nerd who is a feminist because of some personal issue. I'm a women and had nothing against the show, I even, might is say saw it as funny. Also it seems that you wrote this article because in the show it down grades women and nerds. You then felt the need to write this because you are against down grading women, but are jealous because you're not as adventurous as the women on the show and you might be insecure as well. (Please note I'm not trying to be a bitch I just am mean towards everyone and thing. That however is not an excuse for my actions.)

  7. The point of BMS is to subtly mock the unrealistic view most people have of college. It is actually incredibly smart and subtly pokes fun at the main audience of the show. You seem so set in your narrow minded worldview that you were oblivious to this too. Like the individuals you are again, you were unable to look past the first impression to the subtle humor underneath. Seems as though you are just as sexist as others. Go figure.