Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Feminism Means to Us

A couple weeks ago on Foxjuice we got asked about our personal definitions of feminism. Here's what we came up with. 
Keiran: In the most basic of terms, I believe that feminism means equality for everyone based on social, political, and economic grounds.
Kelsey: It is just being strong lady. I think that’s because I was raised by a single mother who did everything in her power to give me a normal life despite the absence of a male presence. She is a total punk who worked three jobs, went back to college, all while she had two toddlers running around the house. Now, she would never consider herself a feminist, and she sometimes falls into playing by gender roles and it makes me cringe. But my mom, she’s the strongest lady I know. And that, is how I define feminism.
Christine: To me feminism is about helping all women become strong, happy, independent and confident individuals. It is about fighting the social norms and ideals that tell men and women that they should act or look a certain way. It’s about looking out for your self, your friends and your loved ones. Mostly it’s about being a bad ass and getting the most enjoyment as possible out of life.
Alex: To me, feminism is primarily about equality. I don’t believe that women are inherently any better or worse than men. It’s a simple concept and yet it is misunderstood and unappreciated by most people. We deserve as much of the spoils, fruits, and responsibilities of society as men do, and feminism is about understanding that and living in a way that projects those principles.
Liz: For me, feminism is the fundamental belief that women and girls should be free from any form of discrimination or degradation. I also believe that oppression comes from many sides, so to be a good feminist you also must be a strong opponent against racism, transphobia, homophobia, classism… and all the various forces that oppress, divide, and degrade people. In that respect, feminism is not about “just women” but about creating and maintaining a world in which all individuals are free to live the best lives they can.
Caitlin: feminism is about doing whatever the fudge i want without ever having to think about the fact that i have boobs.
Beth: Feminism to me is about recognizing that women are human beings in their own right – not “help-mates” for men or vessels for carrying babies. Feminism is also about expanding the possibilities available to both men and women by allowing each freedom from their respective gender constraints – men should be able to feel comfortable being compassionate without feeling like “less of a man,” and women should be able to be strong and independent without fearing that they’ll lose their femininity.
Corrie: Feminism is feeling comfortable, cool, and confident no matter what is in between your legs. It’s about loving yourself. It’s about equality and acceptance, because whether your a man or a woman is not something you can control and to judge someone based on that is stupid. It’s accepting that women have to work hard and men have to work hard and there is little to know difference in the way that their brains work.
Julie:For me, feminism has always meant defending equality, embracing individuality, and heightening expression. It’s about challenging the status quo and never accepting that HOW IT IS amounts to HOW IT SHOULD BE.
Mary: For me feminism is about enabling women to feel they have freedom and power to define and express themselves however they want, regardless of whether that be within or outside of the confines of societal norms of how women should act or be. In short, women should be able to be whomever they want and do whatever makes them happy, without having to worry or think twice about it. I think it’s only through feminism that we can reach this.
Jimmy: For me feminism is about realizing that we are all people and gender shouldn’t be a limiting factor when decididng a person’s worth or capabilities. It’s about empowerment for both men and women to break out of traditional sterotypes, offer support for one another, and embrace our differences.
Jess: Feminism is being able to do what I want and who I want without worrying about what people are gonna say or think.

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