Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer TV: Bunheads. Do we Love or Hate?

So I'm graduated. I've been watching a lot of hulu lately. And I saw like a billion ads for Bunheads, which appeared to be the stupidest show in the world.

I'm still not exactly sure what I think of it. I think I might love it.  But here's my review of episode one.  (SPOILERS!)

Michelle is a Las Vegas showgirl who is too talented for her sucky job. Hubble is her stalker. (WTF TV names, really? I mean, Hubble?) He comes to see her show all the time, always brings her gifts and crap and talks like a man who wants to rub the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again. So he's like in love with her even though she blows him off like all the time.

Really the issue is that Michelle is a fast-talking Amy Sherman-Palladino creature, and Hubble is a normal. Homebo(d)y can't keep up with her jam.

By the way, Hubble is ALAN RUCK.
But after Michelle blows an audition for Chicago (or rather... doesn't even get to dance because the director don't care) she's depressed, and she goes out with Hubble and gets real real drunk. She gives a strange talk about how she's a relationship godzilla and Hubble gives the weirdest speech ever on lizard eggs and asks her to marry him.

All of a sudden, Michelle is on her way to his house in Paradise, California, hungover, and MARRIED. 

Quickly Michelle realizes that this was maybe something she should have thought through. Hubble lives with his weird, controlling ballet teacher mom, ("You live with your mother? Like a serial killer?")  Fanny (Kelly Bishop, Gilmore Girls),  and she clearly hates Michelle. So she throws her a marriage party and sends her off to buy a dress at Hubble's obsessive ex's dress shop (a hilarious but strange scene.) 

The party is mostly a disaster. But then she tells Hubble that she doesn't love him, and he says nice things to her and she's like, oh no one has ever been nice to me, blah blah" and they have sex upstairs while everyone is bein awkward downstairs. Mama is none too pleased, and causes a ruckus about it, Michelle goes off. 

Meanwhile, Fanny's crew of misfit dancers are getting drunk in her studio. Michelle stumbles upon them, and like a responsible adult, takes their beer away. Some fast talking later, she ends up teaching them this fun routine. It's cute. It's an adorable little scene. Very empowering for the outcast girl, Boo, who loves dancing but isn't as skinny as the other girls. 

Fanny watches from the door. She looks mildly amused in the way that Kelly Bishop almost always looks like that.
 "I'm just saying, it's going to be Arab Spring up in here unless you discover iTunes, pronto" 
"You should have been a radio personality. Or an auctioneer. Instead you decided to dance." 

Fanny and Michelle go to the bar and have a heart to heart. As fellow dancers, they kind of get each other and Fanny warns her about not wasting time while she's still young and able to do crap. Michelle says she's over her Vegas party girl stage but she still doesn't know what she wants. 

Like any family show worth its salt, they bust out the juke box and dance together, rippin it up at the bar. Then Hubble's weird, crying ex shows up, and informs them that HE JUST DIED IN A CAR CRASH while he was out looking for them! Serious wtfs abound, but okay. 

So... alright, I was not too crazy about the surprise wedding thing that Michelle did, especially since Hubble was so creepy to me, even though when they finally had sex she was like, "Ooh you a good kisser" but like, serious ews. He was just too strange. 

But I am super interested in the dynamic between Michelle and Fanny, and in the subplots with the teenager ballerinas. As shows with majority female casts are few and far between, and as this one will probably be more about female friendships than like... dude huntin', I'm really interested to see how this series plays out. 

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