Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Bunheads Episode 2 (For Fanny)

So Hubble is dead. 

A lot of fans were confused, and thought that he was a necessary character. (See the piece I wrote on Foxjuice) But no. No, no. Hubble was a plot device. And that plot device has served its purpose. 

So this episode begins where the first left off. Michelle and Fanny, in shock, go back to the house. Fanny does not acknowledge Michelle. Michelle is like totally confused. 

The next day Fanny goes into full-on crazy mode and tries to organize a Buddhist/circus/hulabaloo memorial for Hubble, but she is soo far off in grief world to see that using a coupon on the intrepid is a little far. 

Meanwhile, the bunheads are in school, as they are teenagers, and process the information of Hubble's death by skipping class and going to the movies. Boo flips out, realizes this is an inadequate way to deal with death, tells everyone they're going to hell if they don't do a million pliés. Fanny, entering a 16 hour meditation, has forgotten that she had class to teach, and Michelle snaps out of her daze--understandable after her bizarre situation and after being snapped at by Fanny and the stalker-ex GF--when the bunheads come to her for help. 

So together they organize a nice memorial for Hubble, the girls dance to one of Hubble's favorite songs with Michelle's choreography. Fanny is grateful, and not just because she can cancel on the sitar player she'd been calling.

While post-memorial everyone is milling about and eating, Fanny sees Hubble's old friend from school (who is dreamy, clearly likes Michelle and is a clear potential love interest. BTW, he seems normal, despite remembering that Hubble told him that Michelle's shoe size was 9) and informs her that Hubble, during Michelle's hungover car ride, changed the WILL SO THAT NOW MICHELLE OWNS ALL HIS STUFF LIKE THE LAND.

And this is how Michelle will be staying in Paradise. Because now she has legal roots. I was wondering how they'd finagle that. And while that seems crazy that he would change his will that quickly, remember this is a man who married a Vegas show girl who he was obsessed with. 

Okay. So the dynamic between Fanny and Michelle is still rocky, and prone to television development. I'm also excited to see how things go with the Bunheads, since this episode saw Boo sticking up for herself more. LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE.

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