Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The War on Women: an Intro

Pictured is my birth control. I bedazzled the case.

Tonight I had the pleasure of doing a teach-in for my university's chapter of FMLA on the War on Women. This issue takes up about 900% of of my brainspace, so this ended up being a hardcore, 45-minute lecture on politics, media, and lady parts.

Into the second half of the presentation, there were a lot of statistics and a lot of swearing on my part. I finished and there was a silence, which I first took to mean that my audience was so moved and overwhelmed by the 45-minute barrage of terrifying information I had flung at them. Perhaps it was, but most likely there was this silence trying to figure out if I was really done with fast-talking through women's health. I was. Sort of.

Anyway, I would like to distill some of this information for this blog. I've got a lot, so in order to make it not overwhelming and horrible and boring to read, this is going to end up being a series. Good thing is, I already have all the information laid out. In the last month I have written a 10-page paper on women's reproductive health and politics, drafted a pamphlet on women's health and socialism, re-read one of my favorite books (How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America), and concocted this monster powerpoint of graphs, stats, and analysis. I'm approaching the time of senior year where I am almost perpetually exhausted, and often times working (either on school or my in actual $$ earning endeavors AKA employment), so this bloggy blog has been a little neglected... but I'm ready for this series on the War on Women. It's happening. Not all the way tonight, but over the next couple weeks... I'll be posting parts of it.

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