Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is super cool! The Honduran government has just prioritized women's participation in politics and approved a reform to require 40% of elected positions to be women in the next election (2013) and 50% to be women in 2016. Currently the requirement is 30%, so this is flippin cool!

Ironically, I found out about this because I am a fan of Juan Orlando Fernández (the Honduran President of Congress) on facebook because he is pushing a bill to criminalize teen use of emergency contraception. So while this political gain for women is DEFINITELY something exciting and something to celebrate, this doesn't mean that women's rights are secured.

So, celebrate the ladies who will be elected officials in Honduras soon, and sign this petition and write on Fernández's wall to let him know that the women of the world are watching, and we don't like everything he's got to say.

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