Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is super cool! The Honduran government has just prioritized women's participation in politics and approved a reform to require 40% of elected positions to be women in the next election (2013) and 50% to be women in 2016. Currently the requirement is 30%, so this is flippin cool!

Ironically, I found out about this because I am a fan of Juan Orlando Fernández (the Honduran President of Congress) on facebook because he is pushing a bill to criminalize teen use of emergency contraception. So while this political gain for women is DEFINITELY something exciting and something to celebrate, this doesn't mean that women's rights are secured.

So, celebrate the ladies who will be elected officials in Honduras soon, and sign this petition and write on Fernández's wall to let him know that the women of the world are watching, and we don't like everything he's got to say.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Things You're Not Allowed to Say Anymore... Part 2

The internet allows for all kind of expression, unique, funny, important and relevant.
Unfortunately it also allows for the kind of stuff that makes us want to die.
Here are some things I never want to see or hear again.

Check out Part 1 of my rant corner.

3. "YOLO!"
Really? Thanks for telling me.
This is not a thing. This is so not a thing that I don't even know when it became a thing. It's a stupid-sounding acronym for an even more stupid-sounding phrase ("You Only Live Once!") that mostly-stupid people use. If we are lucky, this will soon be a forgotten internet meme, and #YOLO will ironically die. I've been hearing it around and it's the worst. So so so the worst. Like, people who say YOLO definitely use emoticons.
Addendum: I recently learned this comes from some Drake song? Alright, every time I hear YOLO I'm going to start singing the Degrassi theme at the offender.

4. "Stay Classy!"
Oh, do you think saying "Stay Classy" will make any difference? You are mistaken.
Perhaps it is my austere New England upbringing, but every time I hear this phrase uttered I grind my teeth. Actually the Honors Activity Board of my university says it every time they send us an e-mail about events and every time I want to cry a little bit. Stop it. Stop it. Yes, perhaps you are an Anchorman fan. However, this phrase has been so reconstituted and absorbed into the vernacular of soul-sucking dead-eyes'd Abercrombie & Fitch wearers that you have to stop. Your movie reference ship has sailed and it doesn't matter anymore. Blah blah cultural capital blah blah Bourdieu, but for real, no one "classy" has ever said this phrase and they never will. Can you imagine Princess Diana saying, "Stay classy?" Can you imagine Oprah saying "Stay classy?" No. No you can't. Can you imagine Paris Hilton saying, "Stay classy?" Yeah, probably. THINK ABOUT IT. Don't do it.

5. This is not so much a saying but more of a plea: Don't Do Things if You Don't Know How to Do Them... Especially With Technology.
This one definitely stems from my growing stress and anxiety about graduating soon, so little things set me off (SLOW WALKERS! PEOPLE WHO STOP TO TEXT IN THE MIDDLE OF WALKWAYS! PEOPLE WHO BLOCK STAIRWAYS TO HAVE POINTLESS CONVERSATIONS! PEOPLE WHO SEND MASS CLASS E-MAILS ASKING QUESTIONS WITHOUT SPECIFYING WHAT CLASS THEY ARE ASKING ABOUT OR PROVIDING THEIR NAME!) but a big one lately is people who do things for which they are ill-equipped to do. I don't mean like, dancing when you're a bad dancer, I mean, who cares, but say, professors who insist on using the internet to demonstrate points, but then spend 10+ minutes fiddling with settings and zoom and stuff. Or people who use powerpoint presentations but read directly from their slides. Or people who don't understand how facebook works but post things anyway.
FOR EXAMPLE, one of my favorite rant-based blogs, STFU, Parents, is all about this. You should read it because it's hilarious.
Take MommyJacking. This is when someone posts something to facebook, "I got a puppy!" and then happy friends say, "Pics, please!" or "Yay!" and then some crazed MommyJacker comments, "Wait til you have a baby, it's the best feeling in the world!" Um... the post was not about babies. Really, read some of these, it's just like that. Sometimes it's a matter of sharing news, like, that one is pregnant. However, the place of sharing that news with a friend is not in a comment on an unrelated post. It's an independent post, or message, or even perhaps a phone call. What posts like these demonstrate is irritating for 3 basic reasons and translates into internet-relations in general:
1.) It's an extreme form of narcissism. Oh, you're getting internet attention? Let me hijack that with something about ME! ME ME ME ME ME! Or at least extreme self-righteousness. No one likes that. Oh, you're having a hard time? My life is SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT! There is a reason why that line of logic gets parodied on SNL so often. Because it's crazy.
2.) The poster does not understand how to use the internet. In some people this is hilarious and endearing. There are actually several funny blogs with screen shots of parents posting embarrassing things on their kids' walls. The twitter account Your Friend From HS is a hilarious parody of this phenomena. But mostly... it's 2012. You should know how to use the internet. Posting comments on profile pictures saying "You look cute. We haven't talked in awhile! How are you?" are misplaced. Those ideas need to be separated and located in appropriate places. There are few things that irritate me more (loljk lies everything irritates me) than seeing some random conversation occur in the comments on a status or photo that are unrelated to what is happening. Especially when I have already commented on it and then get 4,000 inane notifications.
3.) It's presumptive. Especially with the MommyJacking, this is a practice that is all about assuming that your position is the best one. That everyone needs to become a parent. Or that getting pregnant is the most beautiful experience in life. Or that everyone wants to know about little Joey's diarrhea. Whatever! While I love the STFU, Parents blog, there are several posts that just infuriate me. I have friends who are pregnant or have babies and I appreciate their updates, especially cute pics. But they're not trying to push their life on me, just as I am not pushing my personal philosophy for the use of my uterus on them (non-use).
6. Unnecessary Bragging
Perhaps you think this is impressive. This gets you deleted. Similar to my rant on GPA sharing, this is especially relevant to college seniors. Many people I know are getting accepted to grad schools or cool jobs. I would like to know your ultimate choice. I, however, do not need an update every time you get in somewhere. Just inform me what the end-result is. Your grad program choice process is not the same as choosing a Republican presidential candidate. Just cut to the chase, and refrain from sharing every little bit with your 500-900 facebook friends. Tell those people whose opinions matter... and leave the rest of us out of it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watch this Now: The Guild

The Guild is a youtube series, of which seasons 1-4 are now on Hulu, which is how I found out about it. It's about extreme gaming culture, which is something I am not familiar with, but I've read a little bit about it in relation to gender (i09 sometimes has articles about it and Feminist Frequency is also all about it).

The cast is great, first of all, it's a gaming show whose main character is a girl, there are male and female characters and they're not all white (omg right?), and it's really funny! AND it's written and created by Felicia Day who stars as Cyd! Day also played a slayer on Buffy, which is why she might look familiar to you nerds (me nerds). And it's all in that delightfully short but dangerously addicting youtube length, with each episode lasting 2-10 minutes. I mean... come on. Get into it.

Here's episode 4, where the Guild meets in person for the first time.

Also Felicia Day is awesome and so legit. She has a weekly vlog on her other channel and you should check it out if you like the internet and/or gaming and/or Felicia Day bein' hilurry-us.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flat Lady

I appreciate sass with direction. So this is a good one. Michelle Glavan is a comedian and musician, and apparently the geniuses who populate youtube comments think it's okay to comment on the fact that she don't got big boobs. This is her response.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The War on Women: an Intro

Pictured is my birth control. I bedazzled the case.

Tonight I had the pleasure of doing a teach-in for my university's chapter of FMLA on the War on Women. This issue takes up about 900% of of my brainspace, so this ended up being a hardcore, 45-minute lecture on politics, media, and lady parts.

Into the second half of the presentation, there were a lot of statistics and a lot of swearing on my part. I finished and there was a silence, which I first took to mean that my audience was so moved and overwhelmed by the 45-minute barrage of terrifying information I had flung at them. Perhaps it was, but most likely there was this silence trying to figure out if I was really done with fast-talking through women's health. I was. Sort of.

Anyway, I would like to distill some of this information for this blog. I've got a lot, so in order to make it not overwhelming and horrible and boring to read, this is going to end up being a series. Good thing is, I already have all the information laid out. In the last month I have written a 10-page paper on women's reproductive health and politics, drafted a pamphlet on women's health and socialism, re-read one of my favorite books (How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America), and concocted this monster powerpoint of graphs, stats, and analysis. I'm approaching the time of senior year where I am almost perpetually exhausted, and often times working (either on school or my in actual $$ earning endeavors AKA employment), so this bloggy blog has been a little neglected... but I'm ready for this series on the War on Women. It's happening. Not all the way tonight, but over the next couple weeks... I'll be posting parts of it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not an April Fool's Joke

"If you truly value families, you shouldn't play politics with women's health."