Friday, March 16, 2012

Republicans: an actual danger to my immediate health and well-being

I'm serious. Besides the very real threat to women's reproductive health, I think all the ridiculous bills and statements about restricting women's health are giving me a stress condition.

Do you know how ridiculous things have gotten? Here's a sample... just from the last day or so. But remember, since January 2012, there have been over 400 bills about reproduction proposed.

If you aren't already dead from stress overload now, click on over to Jezebel's "Greatest Moments in Not Knowing Shit About Birth Control" montage.

So... right. If there aren't enough serious assaults against my personal liberty and health going on, the stress of all this is certainly going to cause some serious damage to my person. Republicans, like cigaretts, should be used with extreme caution. Or, perhaps, not at all.

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