Thursday, March 15, 2012

"'s important that you know exactly what you're getting:" GAME CHANGE review

God, guys, I don't care how, but you must see HBO's Game Change.

This is 113 minutes of completely riveting stuff. I care about politics and the 2008 election was fascinating, but I think even if you aren't all up on that this movie is just really good.

Julianne Moore is fantastic, and a little creepy. I mean, there were multiple parts of the movie where I got chills. The movie's take on Palin's mental stability is a really interesting one, since her performance during the campaign was so erratic, and apparently, this might be an accurate one.

But it's an interesting film to watch because it's hard to think back on Palin during her rise to fame. It is really astonishing how she went from relative anonymity to superstardom and comfort in front of huge crowds. Like, it's just a fascinating look back, and even when it was happening people didn't know what to make of her. Well, we even still are kind of baffled by Palin. In any case, I think Julianne Moore is going to get a freaking Emmy.

What I think is probably one of the more interesting parts of the movie is how it exposes the system of campaign politics. I think you might be hard-pressed to find anyone who's interested in politics who doesn't realize that it's not just about being the best representative you can be for your country, but it's unnerving when you see it in action. It's the the politicking of politics and we voters don't like to think that this is what we're voting for. I had to read Bourdieu this week--I won't get too heady-- but he wrote about how gift exchange is a system that we rely on for a number of reasons, but one of the reasons why the system works is that we don't acknowledge it. Like, that buying a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member "just because" comes with the expectation that that gift will be "repaid" in some way, but this is never something that we can acknowledge without making it awkward. The system of politics is much the same. We know it happens--abstractly--but when the details are pointed out we're uncomfortable.

But definitely see this movie. Make a friend with HBO or ... google... and just see it.

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