Monday, March 19, 2012

Congrats! Welcome to the World, Logan!

Something really exciting happened this weekend!!

My good friend Imani went from being really really preggo...

to being a momma!

She gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL baby early on St. Patrick's day, after a pretty damn short labor, that included dancing to dubstep, hanging out with her midwife and doula, and pushing for 15 minutes. She's a goddamn superwoman, basically.

Isn't he the cutest newborn you've ever seen?????

When Tía Liz (me) got the text at 1:30am that Logan had been born and the first picture of him... homegurl cried. Well, I was a little drunk and at a friend's birthday party, but as I told Imani a couple weeks ago:
I was thinking about you giving birth today and I am betting that when I get the text that's like "I just had a baby" I will probably burst out crying, no matter where I am, no matter who is around me. I'm mentally preparing myself for this moment of intense joy.
She has been lucky enough to have gotten strange texts like that from me for the past several months, which only got weirder after I started taking a class called "Human Growth and Development" this semester, which prompted me to send her panicked texts like, "Are you taking folic acid??" and "My bio class is making pregnancy sound terrifying."

A warning to my friends who will someday be pregnant: I am sure that knowing someone who has carried a pregnancy to term will not desensitize me to the weirdness of knowing the various stages of fetal development, and you will definitely get weird texts like those, possibly weirder ones.

Anyway, I am so happy for Imani and I cannot wait to hear more about her journey with freaking MOTHERHOOD, and I also cannot wait to meet my little sobrino and teach him Spanish!

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