Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Open Letter to the Atheist Community: Stop Sucking.

Dear Atheist Community,

As a fellow atheist, I find you alienating. I'm not really speaking to individual atheists, but it seems like the atheist community kind of majorly sucks.

I briefly was involved with organized atheists, which often was really interesting, but probably equally as often uncomfortable and frustrating. For almost a semester, I was the only woman involved in the specific organization, and contrary to popular belief, I can take a joke. But I know when things are inappropriate, and atheist men have a problem with this.

There are a great many reasons that I no longer have any interest in belonging to the atheist community, but one of the most persistent and grating problems I see is that atheists kind of hate women. WHY?!

At my time of posting, 232 people had "liked" this picture, including one of my friends on facebook, which is why I had this incredibly offensive and stupid picture in my newsfeed.

This has not always been true, but I'm pretty much at a point in my life where I don't give a rat's ass what your religion is, as long as it's not being imposed on other people. And while there's a debate over whether atheism is a "religious belief" or the complete lack thereof of belief, this picture sort of characterizes atheism as a belief system that is antagonistic, mean, and sexist. Isn't the point of being an atheist that we (royal we) have evolved past this shit? So when atheists use slut shaming as a tactic of proving a point... I am so mad!

-It doesn't matter if your favorite book is the bible and you're a sex worker. Lots of people watch Blood Diamond and cry and then go out and buy unethically procured luxury goods. Lots of people believe in sustainability and human rights and have Apple products. Just because you like something doesn't really mean anything for the rest of you.

-If some girls like the bible and want to have sex... I don't care. You shouldn't care either. You should say, "I hope you are being safe and getting regular gynecological examinations," as you would to any sexually active adult.

-And if some assholes think that pointing out religious hypocrisy in a way that is alienating to women, people who are sexually active, and anyone who believes in good taste and arguing for atheism on a logical level is on some level okay, you should say to them, "Take a look at your life, take a look at your choices."

If you're feeling particularly suicidal today, take a look at the comments to that picture. And these are the people who are supposedly smarter than religious people?

No thanks.


  1. Well that was boring as fuck. Get a fucking life, bitch. Women suck! Also, learn grammar. You do not start a sentance with a conjunction (and,but,etc.) P.S. I'm agnostic and atheists suck IMO.

  2. ^^^^ So true. Tits or Gtfo

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