Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Misguided Idiots Pretend to be Experts, Offend Everyone, Ruin America

What the freaking fuck?

It's probably shouldn't, but I continue to be shocked at how dumb some people in the United States are. The only religious persecution that is happening here, is that a few religious people are persecuting the uteruses of many.

John Stewart: "You confuse religious persecution with not getting everything you want."

If you are offended by birth control... don't take it! Fortunately for many of the people who are personally offended by the pill, they never have to take it. Because they lack the reproductive organs that process the pill.

There are plenty of things that offend me that I don't chalk up to religious persecution. Under the Affordability Care Act, employers provide coverage for birth control unless they are religious institutions. I.e. ... there is no problem, go home, pray for something more important.

Perhaps the more accurate application of "religious persecution" in reference to the debates about the pill is that some (not all, lots of religious people have no problem with this) religious people are trying to enforce their religious beliefs on people of different religions.

To which I would just like to say:

TO: overzealous republicans, religious people, and supreme whiners of the world:
RE: birth control

Please allow me to exercise my constitutional rights--the same rights you are always complaining about being violated but actually aren't--and allow me free speech. I know how you hate it when liberal people talk, but we're allowed to do it. While we're at constitution-loving, please allow the state to function without religious influence. In fact, while you claim that the US is a Christian nation and whine about how we need more Christian influence, more often you complain about societies that actually do have a mix of religion and government, for example, your extreme dislike of Sharia law. Bascuse me if I'm a little wary of Biblical laws that involve stuff like stoning, sacrifice, cutting off hands, etc.

Furthermore, I believe I have the freedom of religion in this country, which also means freedom from religion. Oh, that doesn't mean that I'm nonreligious necessarily, I have a Christmas tree, I know the Nicene Creed by heart, etc. etc., but I certainly want freedom from your religion, because people like you bum me out.

And while we're at it, I ask that if you want to speak about birth control, learn what it is. I recommend How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America, because besides debunking the myth that abortion and birth control access = baby holocaust, it also explains how the birth control pill and Plan B work. Are either one of those "the abortion pill?" No, and I'm going to go crazy on you if you call it that because it's like if I decided to call the GOP the "Great Oppressor Party." It's untrue, mean, and a term rooted in emotionalism.

(Besides, if you hate liberals so much, doesn't liberal women limiting the number of children they have mean less liberal babies for you to antagonize when they're older? Think about it. I always try to find the silver lining.)

Additionally, the Affordability Care Act is not socialism. (If you call it "Obamacare," Imma go crazy on you again, it just makes you sound like you get the majority of your news from your elderly neighbor.) It will not collapse the system. In fact, the majority of developed nations have some sort of government funded or mandated public health system. We pay two to three times as much for our health care in the US than in other countries, and it's pretty bad. Actually, the government currently spends more on health care than any other country and it's still not good. No, really, pretty much everywhere else in the world, as far as developed nations go, people live longer, don't pay as much for their health care, and have been health care in general. They have lower infant mortality rates (which by the way, have nothing to do with abortion, in case you're wondering, IMR is calculated by live births only), lower maternal mortality rates, and better health conditions for children, among other things. By the way, all those western and northern European countries that have government-mandated health care--including Germany, whose plan was put into place by Otto Von Bismarck--are capitalist countries.

Finally, just shut up about birth control. I think viagra is mad dumb, and I'm not raising a ruckus about the fact that insurance will cover old-man boners no problem. Thing is, I don't have to take viagra, so it's not really any of my business which of you old dudes is getting your insurance to cover your pleasure time. Trust me, I will not be inviting you to a party with my vagina, so you need not concern yourself about what I'm doing with it.


Liz Pride
Woman, Awesome US Citizen, and defender of the Constitution.

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  1. Birth control it's a fancy way to mean HUMANS BEINGS GENOCIDE