Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Galentines Day!

It's Galentine's Day!

Galentine's Day is the 13th of February! It's a day for ladies to celebrate ladies! NBC has their own "guide" to Galentine's Day (which only works if you are on cocaine or actually are Leslie Knope), and lots of other blogs have recommendations on how to celebrate. My friends and I are actually celebrating Galetine's Day on the 16th (Thursday is a lot better for a get-together than Monday) and we will be celebrating "female friendships! We're making pancakes and waffles, listening to lady music, and watching movies about empowered women!" Sounds awesome, RIGHT? Let's just make it a week-long event!

On a related note, and not exactly specifically related to Galentine's Day... but sort of, my friend Mary of Mary Quite Contrary Bakes brought me a piece of friendship cake this morning!

The best way to begin any day is receive cake at your door. I swear.
This isn't even all of it, this is half. Girl goes all out.
It was really good, I'm staring at the crumbs of that piece right now.

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  1. Found your blog through Feministe. GOD I LOVE LESLIE KNOPE! It should be a national holiday. Glad you did it!