Friday, January 27, 2012

Rebranding Girls

One of the several feminist pages I "like" on facebook posted this great article this morning called The Case for Girls, which is a couple months old now but worth sharing anyway.

Ultimately what article author Anya Kamenetz concludes with is that there are a whole host of reasons why female children continue to be "unwanted" in the world. Dissecting these reasons is not the focus of her article, and there are lots of other places you can go to read up on why, but she proposes kind of focusing on what can be done to change that point of view.

In the academic disciplines I study we talk a lot about inequality and the reasons/roots behind it. Changing the stuff that sucks not only requires a cultural shift to something else, but also understanding why we have this crap in the first place. So I thought Kamenetz's article was really interesting because I've read a lot about the phenomena of "missing" women and unwanted baby girls and the devalorization of female children, but other than hard facts like development dollars invested in women tending to have a higher return rate, there's not a lot of talk about how to get there. So at the end of the article there is a link to a slideshow of images created by ad agencies "rebranding" girls, attempting to make the idea of having a girl child more attractive. The results are bittersweetly awesome, since these we honestly need people to be more interested in female children.

(by the Cramer-Krasselt agency. Check out their website for this campaign at Hope It's a Girl)

The ads themselves are fantastic, but some have websites where you can go for more. CHECK IT OUT!

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  1. I know the ads are not really real, but the idea of ads specifically designed to disuade people from adopting boys who are over-represented in foster care as it is just seems like adding insult to injury. We can rebrand girls by selling their strengths, and don't have to insensitively badmouth anyone (let along young boys) to do that.