Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get On Your Feet

I listen to this song almost every day so that I feel jazzed for the day like I imagine Leslie Knope would.

Blah blah, I've been absent from blogging. Sorry. Since getting back from Honduras, nothing major has happened other than I don't see machine guns every two minutes. And um... I bought a pair of Toms, which you would think considering my political views and age I'd be swimming in pairs of those androgynous nun charity shoes by now, but they were actually my first pair. Other than that... not much. My classes have started (which is exciting because I'm a second semester senior) and I am almost finished unpacking from winter break. Not that I had a lot of stuff to unpack... I just didn't/don't want to do it.

Shoes for celibate liberal people

So while I (finally) figure out upcoming material, here is a long belated review of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling.
Okay... so I freaking loved this book. I read it back in November, even though I bought it and then decided that I would leave it until I had finished exams or papers or something, but I lied to myself and read it almost right away and within a 24 hour period. It is hilarious and has a really conversational feel, so I felt like I was actually sitting with Mindy Kaling having her tell me funny stories about imitating Monty Python sketches and giving me karaoke tips. I love it when I feel like celebrities could be my friends if circumstances were different, because even though this is a weird symptom of American celebrity culture, I like that closeness I feel with famous people I've never met. It's easy to read, is really funny, and is really a great, positive book. I love how much she talked about how her female friendships were important to her because my female friendships have been really important to me too, and I feel like that is something that people don't talk about enough, and ultimately I just want everything to relate to me all the time.

I also listened to the audiobook with my mom and sister on a long car ride and that is great as well. I highly recommend it, it's a grand ole time of a book, you will enjoy yourself.

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