Monday, January 2, 2012

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Saturday afternoon I went with Celeste and her family to her dad's house in Tegus for lunch. New Year's is kind of a big deal in Honduras, and tends to be a family centered thing. The only American New Year's traditions I can think of are the Times Square broadcast and alcohol, so it's pretty different here.

As I said earlier, Celeste has three young children, Samuel (10), Sara (7), and Josué (4). They are quite the balls of energy. I am much more used to kids above the age of ten and usually teenagers, so this was quite different. After a game of Uno got someone a little pouty (I know, Uno.), so I brought out my 4 years of camp counselor experience and taught "Wa!", "Honey, if you love me..." (which in Spanish is, "Querid@, si me ames, por favor sonrie."/"Querid@, yo te amo, pero no puedo sonreir."), and "Shh, Dung, Bdjt." Explaining rules for games I'm translating in my head is kind of a stretch of my Spanish abilities.

After lunch, I went to Celeste's house, which is about 30 minutes outside Tegus. I watched High School Musical 3 dubbed in Spanish with Samuel, Sara and Josué, and in the evening we went to her sister-in-law's house, which is behind their house. Actually, all houses around Celeste's house are family, which is kind of cool because there are so many kids and they all appear to be really close. I hung out with her very large extended family and played games and had 10 different women encouraging me to eat more (okay). At midnight we set off firecrackers and put on carnival masks and beads. In the morning we went over again for leftovers, and I got back to Tegus around 7PM. Fun weekend!

The new volunteers have arrived, which is really exciting! Actually, I spent relatively little time alone, so it was not a big deal. Today was a holiday so we got to know each other by going to Parque Picacho (which is really nice and famous for the giant Christ statue that looks over the city) and walking around the city center.

Tegus from Picacho

Christo de Picacho

It's big, yo.

Tomorrow we are going on a brigada to the west until Friday! Exciting! Victor said it's very different from Choluteca. We're going to a small town and will be staying at a church, and also there's a different accent, so that may or may not be difficult...

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