Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So this is a video by a group called Bad Lip Reading, which takes political figures and music videos and figures out what they could be saying. This one is called "Black Umbrella" and it's to Miley Cyrus' video for "Party in the USA." It is a hilarious song for many reasons, the first being that much of the bad lip reading turns into strings of awesome nonsense ("I've got a plasma sword and I'm ready to crank it"). Also... not paying attention to the lyrics, it just sounds like a skanky club hit, which I love. Am I listening to the song right now? Yes. Have I been listening to it on repeat for the past week and been dancing badly to it in my room? Yep.

This one is also pretty great, it's to Taylor Swift's video for "Our Song," and the contrast between the lyrics for the bad lip reading version and what "Our Song" is about is beautiful. "Get the Red Bull flowin' through my veins" is not a real Tay-Swift lyric. Hilarious.

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