Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brigada to la Unión

On Tuesday we made the 6 hour drive from Tegus to La Unión, which is west and north of Tegus. The last hour and a half is all dirt road, and in the back of the land rover... I might have lost some brain cells. It was pretty bouncy.

There is a lot of need in La Unión, which is pretty far away from any major city like Comayagua, San Pedro Sula or Tegus. The principal export in the west in general is coffee, and la Unión is a big coffee town. I have never had coffee better than in la Unión, and I recommend you try some. (Buy online!) We worked out of one of Vida Abundante's satellite churches, which had a clinic in the town where we set up the optometry brigada. The first day we processed around 70 and people and the second day about 90. There probably would have been more people, but this is both coffee harvesting season and it happened to be really rainy and that made it difficult for people to walk to the clinic (some people walked a long way to get there).

We actually saw a few cases of congenital cataracts in kids who were about 10 years old, which was really sad because I did their VA tests and they really cannot see, but also great because they're prepping to get surgery in Tegus. And then they will see! It was a great brigada, and we drove back on Friday.

Pictures from the week:

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