Friday, December 16, 2011

Remember that Old Phrase about the Dangers of "Assuming?"

Misguided white writer Gene Marks wrote a really ridiculous piece recently called "If I Was a Poor Black Kid." You may read it if you would like, but I am sure you can probably guess that it's real dumb.

Fortunately, out of this piece of crap journalism has come a lot of really good responses, including this article by Akiba Soloman called "If I was a White, Male, Middle Aged Forbes Columnist" and the following video from CNN ireport by user sonyarenee.

I think the lesson we should be getting from the responses to Marks' piece is that... it is okay to be mad that there is inequality in America. It is okay to talk about it. It is productive to talk about it and to talk about solutions. What is not okay is to presume you have the answers, especially if you are someone who is far removed from the demographic you are intent on "fixing."

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