Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Love Home Births

Okay, I can't say that I love home births from experience, but I think they're really really cool. I didn't think this way until I saw The Business of Being Born, and then after that I have described the movie in detail and used charades to anyone who I can corner. It's really fascinating. CHECK THE CLIP!

So I am really excited for my friend Imani, who is pregnant and using a midwife for her gestating womb-buddy, and blogging about it at Someone's Gonna Call Me Mom. She, too, was enamored by The Business of Being Born and is convinced that the best way to bring her son into the world (omg it is so weird to talk about my friends having babies aahhhhh) is through as natural means as possible.

Lookit this girl. She's one of those annoying pregnant women who is still hot.

This is Imani when she was a baby.
If looking at this picture does not make you well up with tears,
then I am sorry to say, you are a CYBORG.
I am so excited for the adorable monster that
is going to come out of her in April. DEAR LORD.

So follow Someone's Gonna Call Me Mom to stay updated on Imani's journey to motherhood!

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