Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Misguided Celebrity Attempts to Ingratiate Themselves to the 99%

Celebrity support of OWS has been a tricky road so far. Alec Baldwin, I think, has done a pretty good job so far. I follow him on twitter, and he's fairly active and really good about engaging his followers in talking about OWS and the failings of America. Although it has been pointed out... he is the face of Capital One, and although he says that he donates all his pay from those commercials to programs for the arts... perhaps he'll consider ending his endorsement of the company.

Miley Cyrus has just released a music video to a remix of her 2010 song "Liberty Walk" (which, by the way, is the best song ever... I double my slow-elliptical-jog speed when it comes on my work out playlist) to images from OWS and concurrent rallies around the world. As the Village Voice points out, this is kind of absurd. Considering she just had a star-studded birthday 19th party replete with furries and dwarves... it might be safe to say that she's on the trendy-end of supporting OWS.

Then we have the much more appropriate but throwback-sounding anthem from Third Eye Blind (they're still around?) called "If There Ever Was a Time" about OWS. It's kind of dumb, but I know all the words. Also half the music I listen to is 90s music, so although this came out a couple weeks ago, it sounds like something from the mid-90s, which I appreciate.

And then, of course, Jay-Z's Occupy shirt. Much has been said about this shirt, but I think it's pretty clear that this is a trendy-participation.
Of course, some famous people have been spotted honestly (it seems) supporting OWS, many times in non-ostentatious ways. I think a lot of OWS participants demonize "the 1%" in a way that is not completely fair. In my opinion, I think we should be grateful of support from all sides. To truly change the system, we need people at the top-most tiers to participate in the discourse and want change. Not all rich people are evil. Ultimately I think the real motivation for change comes from a bottom-up perspective, but remember when CNN wouldn't even talk about the OWS protests? And now the former Hannah Montana says it's a good thing. For the sake of optimism, let's call that progress.

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