Friday, November 18, 2011

Glee Irreality and Reality Index: Episode 306

Reality Points
+Unfortunately, realistic that Mr. Schu would think it's okay for Puck to sing an inappropriate song about teacher love after his issue with Rachel in season 1.
+ "Winning is really about poo flingin'."
+ Shelby would lie to Mr. Schu and say that it isn't his fault Santana, Brittany and Mercedes left New Directions, but it definitely is his fault.
+Indulgent teacher-duet... considering Schu's and Shelby's collective egos, I believe it.
+"That is the lamest thing I didn't understand a word of."
+ "Maybe you should've thought of that before you walked all over me in your borderline sociopathic climb to the top." Yes, Kurt, yes!
+ Unfortunately, I do believe that dumb Finn, frustrated and pushed to the edge would out Santana.
+As a Temple student, I am extremely pleased with this Hall & Oates mash-up.
+Loved Kurt's unicorn horn. And his anti-bullying platform. Very Lady Gaga.
+ RACHEL! That was so nice! An appreciated change! Yay, friendship restored!
+ Even though it's weird, I think it's consistent that Rachel always alerts people when she's going to display affection. "A kiss for you!" "I'm going to hug you now."
+ Quinn has a religious background... even though this plot line is absurd, I believe that she would call Shelby a "cash whore."
+ Adele mash up! <3 <3 <3 !!! !!!!! !!!
+ Good smack, Santana.

Irreality Points:
- Sue's attack ad on Burt Hummel would not be met with intimidation, but probably LOLs and an upload to youtube, possibly mocking on Gawker.
- Duuuhhh rule #1 of directing a high school choir, Mr. Schu, show-choir killer... vary the soloists! That's what my freaking choir directors did, and that's what I did when I co-directed an a'cappella group as a teenager. If a freaking teenager can figure it out, Mr. Schu SHOULD have been to figure out that Mercedes and Santana need some freaking solos, and the world can be spared a few tear-streaked Rachel Berry ballads.
-This Puck/Shelby thing is dumb-dumb-dumb. I don't even remember them kissing. This possibly happened during one of my frequent Glee-Boredom-Blackouts.
-Also... that is not how adoption works, people have discussed this, Glee is just getting this wrong wrong wrong.
-That is not how recommendation letters work, Rachel, Shelby wouldn't agree to that.
-You know how I know you're in a Glee Club that isn't real? Dodgeball musical.
-Vocal warm ups CANNOT wait, sorry Mercedes.
-Unrealistic: Santana's bizarre fat-shaming tirade against Finn.
- But would Finn really sexuality-shame Santana? After all he's been through with his step-brother?
-Wait... why is Mr. Schu Burt Hummel's campaign manager?
-Ohmygod, why is Shelby encouraging this thing with Puck? If the genders were reversed in these characters, people would be UP IN ARMS!
-Wait... wasn't Irish kid going to sing lead? Inconsistency.
-... Okay, more inconsistency, dodge ball as modern day stoning? This episode is literally the first time it's ever been mentioned. Right?
-Why does everyone seem to think it's such a travesty that McKinley High has more than one singing group? That's normal for most mid-large size schools. My high school had less than 300 people and there were four official choral-related groups.
-Where is McKinley's freaking GUIDANCE COUNSELOR during the completely inappropriate and bizarre scene where Santana's sexuality becomes the topic of a political attack ad against Sue?
-Where is Mercedes' boyfriend who's like obsessed with her? Did the Glee writers characteristically forget about Mercedes' plot lines again?

Reality Points: 14
Irreality Points: 16

Lots of good plot things happened in this episode, but it was just so bizarre, as per usual. I feel confused, although the Adele mashup at the end is one of the BEST things they have ever done so I left the episode incredibly satisfied... although the episode was so weird.

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