Thursday, November 10, 2011

Glee Irreality and Reality Index: Episode 305

Reality Points:
+Artie would become a self-important student director... give students a little power and it's egotown
+"Even the thought of going to New York a virgin sounded silly to me" HAHAHA
+Okay, I was a little skeptical of Rachel suddenly deciding to lose her v-card even though she barely lets Finn near her boobs, but since she's crazy, yeah, believable.
+Mike Chang character development wooooo!
+Extra point for Glee writers giving minority characters some screen time.
+I knew Santana would kick ass as Anita--who is my favorite character in WSS--and I was right.
+I've never been to a gay bar in West Lima, but it seems to me like Scandals is the type of sad, rustic bar you might find in a small town in Ohio. Realistic.
+Sebastian! Obviously I love Kurt and Blaine so ideologically I hate Sebastian, but I value television and he is a well placed plot device to keep Blurt from stagnating. Also I like his character even though he's evil, much how I felt about Santana at the beginning of Glee.
+I like the Irish kid's complete fail of a Puerto Rican accent. The accents in general were hilarious and bad. I stage managed the school musical my senior year of high school, and it was set on an island in the Caribbean, so the actors were supposed to do "island-esque" accents. If you have ever heard a bunch of white high schoolers try to interpret what an caribbeanish accent sounds like, it's hilarious. More like Russian or Irish...
+ The virginity-losing scenes at the end were fairly mundane. That's okay. The message about safe sex and making informed and mutual decisions about having sex as a teenager are pretty good.
+Extra 2 points for showing nice, happy gay teen sex.

Irreality Points:
-Coach Beiste would not talk about her sex life with a high school student. Serious WTFs abound
-Rachel and Finn have actually one of the most mundane television relationships of all time.
-Blaine drinks one beer and is that trashed? He's not the size of a toddler, no.
-Brittany alluded to ... a perhaps unwanted sexual encounter at cheerleading camp? "Alien invasion." That's not okay.
-Wait... where are all these back up dancers and singers year round? I understand when they bring in the Cheerios for back up dancers, but they had a full cast in West Side Story. If you're the kind of freak who's into being in musicals, then you're definitely the kind of freak who's into more fun things like being in show choir. I mean, really. If half the episodes are about how they're scrambling for members, then stop showing all these people who can sing and dance just fine. You're killing me, Glee.
-The Warblers really wore their school uniform to a play at another school? Unlikely.
-I've said it before and I'll say it again. Where the EFF are Rachel's gay dads??!? Like they wouldn't be in the front row with gigantic bouquets and video cameras... please! Maria is an iconic role! As a fan of TV shows about high schoolers, I know that having too much parent-drama in shows (cough cough the OC) makes it boring, but for real, they cast parents for Mike Chang. I think it's time we see the men who raised Rachel. For this I am docking 100 points. Because I am taking a class on dance in film, and we talk about the suspension of disbelief, so I understand musicals need that, but really. We need a little realism. And Glee is expecting me to believe that Rachel's mythical gay dads aren't flipping a shit about her role as Maria? I'm dead, I'm literally dead.

Reality Points: 12
Irreality Points: 106

Overall this was a great episode, I love the music of West Side Story, but really, Glee? You're going to introduce the idea of Rachel's gay dads in the pilot and occasionally refer to their basement shrine to her Broadway accomplishments... yet never ever ever depict them fawning over their Broadway star in the making? It's too much for me.

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