Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feminist Kitchen: Introduction & Creative Saladtimes

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear people--even feminists--talking about the "contradiction" of feminists cooking. This pisses me off to no end. We're in the year two-thousand-fucking-eleven, I think we can all agree that food is necessary, and no one who isn't an idiot will question your feminism if you happen to cook for yourself or others.

I mean, really. I am an adult and I need to feed myself. I don't have a meal plan because I think they're dumb. My school gets its (crappy) food from Sodexo, which has a long, anti-labor history. I don't want that! I will make food for myself. This often involves a microwave, but I haven't starved yet, and generally I eat pretty healthily.

Anyway, all this angry ranting has a point. If I hear another feminist say she feels weird about cooking for her boyfriend I'm going to probably have a frustration-aneurism. If he's not good at cooking, then don't suffer through it! Cook away! It's an issue if you are expected to do cooking because of your gender, but if you are an adult who needs to nourish your body, you can make your own damn food, whatever gender you are and especially if you're a feminist. We need energy to fight the patriarchy, duh.

So here begins a new series, called "Feminist Kitchen." Here I will be highlighting some of the food I make for myself. This is usually somewhat creative because I don't plan out what I'm making or eating and just buy food based on its cheapness or my levels of cravings when I'm at the grocery store so when I make food it's a lot of combining of what I have. Sometimes it gets weird. But if I can avoid eating straight up pasta and sauce, I will do it because boring food is my enemy.

Feminist Kitchen #1 Creative Saladtimes:

I don't usually make salad for myself because I don't usually have that many vegetables in my refrigerator at once to make a compelling salad and also the idea of salad tends to be depressing, but here's one I invented the other day (yesterday) and made again (just now) because it turned out to be really good.

You need:
-Red grapes
-A banana


Rip up your spinach, cut the grapes in half (makes it easier for forking/eating), slice up the banana and add crumbles of the chevre. (Chevre is the French word for "goat cheese," by the way.) Voila! You're done. This literally takes like 3 minutes to complete and it's really good. Looks kind of weird, is kind of a weird combo of food, but it's great. There you go!

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