Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where's the In Between?

In one post I saw on the blogosphere in praise of Parks and Recreation's episode with the Pawnee Goddesses, one blogger asked why there wasn't actual media for girls that had these awesome representations of female characters holding debates and talking politics. Most media aimed at girls ages 10 to... forever... revolves around having crushes on boys and ... dating boys and generally just around romantic interests in general. Okay, we get it, kids have hormones, I know this, I've experienced this, but I am not only my hormones, I have friends and lots of times we talk about stuff that doesn't have to do with our sexual interests!

Then I saw this clip, and I was reminded of my own girl-power-90s upbringing and all the positive messaging I got when I was really young about how I could be anything I wanted to.

This message changes. There's no middle ground. For the girls in between Sesame Street age and highly-motived high school and college students, there aren't a lot of options for positive, age-appropriate role modeling. When I was 14 I looked up to TV characters like Xena: Warrior Princess, but I didn't have any examples of characters my age who were good role models.

Maybe at 21 years old I'm getting out of touch, but are there positive, age-appropriate TV/movie characters, that are relatively current for girls in their tweens and teens?

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