Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glee: Irreality and Reality Index, Episode 303

+ "I have ghost parents." Yes.
+ Box of wedding magazines.
+ Unfortunately, Will's box of pornos is realistic.
- So it's awesome that Mike has this whole, non-stereotypical dance interest, but he and Tina are still uber-stereotypically Asian. Good job, writers, naht.
+ Mike has parents. That's more than most characters on this show can say.
+ Brittany and Santana's breakdown of the patriarchal failures of the country/school... Obviously I loved that. I'm not a huge fan of "Run The World (Girls)" but I loved Brittany's cover.
+ Mike's audition was awesome!
- Why doesn't anyone want Anita? I love Anita!
+/- Um... is Mercedes pregnant? Why is she sick all the time? That number from Dreamgirls is about Effie being pregnant and a diva. But also, that is my favorite song from Dreamgirls so I loved that. My friend Alice and I perform it as often as possible. But also... why is she being an uber diva? What is her boyfriend doing? TOO MANY QUESTIONS!
+ Yay, Mike's mom!
+ Finn's "YEASSS!" Adorable and dorky.
-Ginger supremacy? That's kind of a stretch. And uncomfortable.
+Though I appreciate the backstory on Emma.
+ Glee = "It Gets Better."
- Rachel, do not run for class president, no one likes you, you won't win!
- Will Schuster singing.
- Will Schuster singing Coldplay. I'm dying.
+ Santana as Anita. "America!" "A Boy Like That!" Praise be!
+WOWZA Mercedes with Shelby's group!??! Finally, some strife!

Reality Points: 14
Irreality Points: 7
Solid episode! Mostly good music (fail with Coldplay, I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow paid them to do that) and some actual plot! This season can go somewhere!

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