Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Activism Abroad

Hello, bloggy-world!

I know some of you who read this, but the majority of you are strangers and don't know me outside of what I write on this blog. This year I'm completing my undergraduate education and am majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Women's Studies and Spanish. While I love the theory-end of things and really enjoy academic reading a writing (honestly, I am a huge nerd), I'm also very interested in global development and grassroots activism. I don't know where that will take me post-graduation, but right now I'm preparing to go to Tegucigalpa, Honduras as a Unite For Sight Global Impact Fellow over my winter break in 2011-2012.

As a Global Impact Fellow, I'm going to be working in Clínica ZOE, which is partnered with Unite For Sight. For the last 11 years, Unite For Sight has provided the manpower (volunteers like me) and funding (donators like you) to existing eye clinics in Honduras, India, and Ghana. I will be working with local doctors and volunteers to help provide free eye care to some of the poorest people in the world. Since 2000, Unite For Sight has sponsored 44,466 sight-restoring surgeries (for things like cataracts) and provided 1,200,000 patients with high-quality, free eye care for everything from eye exams to glasses. And since 2000, 7,900 Global Impact Fellows have been trained and volunteered abroad to help provide these services.

In my preparations to go to Honduras, I am also raising money for Unite For Sight.
100% of your donations go toward providing impoverished patients with eye care! None of it goes to administrative fees. All of it is toward making a difference in people's lives.

There are 36 million people in the world who are needlessly blind--a surgery for cataracts costs on average $50. Five surgeries is $250. For people living in extreme poverty, the difference a surgery can make is instrumental to their ability to survive and provide for their families. So please, consider donating to Unite For Sight. Giving the gift of sight? You're like a modern-day Jesus! Kidding, but it is really great how relatively easy it is to improve someone's sight!

All the donations on my fundraising page go directly to Unite For Sight-- I don't handle them. Any donation you make will help narrow the inequality gap that prevents millions of people from being able to afford quality health care. Thank you for your consideration, and the fundraising page as well as Unite For Sight website has more information about what your donation goes toward: restoring sight and hope to people worldwide.

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