Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Switched at Birth Episode 9 and 10

Okay, so to make this quick because there's so much TV I have to (yes, have to) catch up on, in episode nine it's Bay and Daphne's birthdays! So the Kennishes buy them cars! This annoys Regina, who's still on the outs, and eventually her mom and Melody talk her into being less of a doormat, and she begins her apology train ride. Bay and Emmett's relationship heats up, but it's still a secret from Daphne. Understandable, but obviously this can't end well. Anyway, blah blah, Regina comes back, family birthday, Bay is about to tell Daphne that she and Emmett are going out--ANDDDD... Daphne comes to the realization that she likes Emmett. Nooo! All hope of Daphne and Bay becoming friends anytime soon is dashed.

In the mid-season finale, right off the bat, Bay meets an accented stranger at her art show who is none other than... Angelo Sorrento! Her absentee-bio-dad! Oh, what? He read a newspaper article about the switch and showed up to find his rightful daughter. Damn, man. That's a lot to process for a teen girl whose identity is such an unknown.

Meanwhile, Daphne finds out that Bay and Emmett are together and she is not happy about it. She gives him all the same crap he gave her about Liam, but more, since she has some beef with Bay. Eventually she gets up the guts to tell him that he likes her and Emmett basically tells her to shut up. Then they kiss. But then he tells her he's with Bay, so gedoutta here.

Wilke gets Toby and him into this big music festival, but only because he pushes Emmett's selling point: having a deaf drummer is interesting. So they begin to work on Emmett, who really doesn't want to hang out with them. They're the worst (besides John) at being accommodating to lip-readers, so duh! I wouldn't want to hang out with them either and I can hear.

Angelo shows up at the Kennishes, since Bay invited him, but Catherine and John are threatened, obviously. Especially John. And Catherine gives this great speech about having to deal with being a mom to two girls, competing with another mom, and then getting lost in the way... and so now she's glad that John can start to understand what she's been going through.

Regina is not happy about Angelo being back, but it's unclear why... at least at first. Seems like he might be a skeezey con man. But we don't know enough from this episode! Ugh, ABC Family has the weirdest season breaks and timing... whatever. It will probably start back up right as I have important papers to write, as that is how things usually work.

In one scene with Bay, Wilke and Toby talking really fast, the perspective shifts to Emmett's who can't really keep up with the lip-syncing. Since he's also confused about Daphne, he picks a fight with Bay, and then breaks up with her because he is irritated about the communication barrier. However, Toby goes to talk to him, and tells him that Bay actually really does like him, and that Emmett should give her another chance.

And he does. He apologizes and tells Bay that even though there is the communication barrier, when they're together he's not thinking about that she's hearing or that she's not deaf, she's just Bay. Awwwwww. Overwhelmingly, because I am a fan of Switched at Birth on facebook, I think the shippers are fans of Emmett and Bay. They are really cute together. And then Emmett talks! Whoa! Devotion! They're back together.

But at the end of the episode, as Emmett rides away with Wilke and Toby to go play in the music fest, Bay asks Daphne how she's doing. And Daphne tells her that she gave up on a guy (Liam) once because Bay told her to, and she's going to keep trying to get with Emmett. Whoa, man. And Wilke says he's into Daphne. There's going to be some serious dramz in the second half of the season, and I'm excited to see a pluckier side of Daphne. Although... Bay and Daphne probably won't be friends for awhile. (Side note: does Bay have friends? It appears she does not. Daphne has Emmett and that's it.)

As a bonus, since I am watching Beauty and the Beast on the Disney Channel while I'm writing this, here's a clip about a girl who learned ASL to make a friend! Adorable! Also, it's probably no coincidence, ABC Family and the Disney Channel are related to one another, but I'm really happy about this media attention to ASL! Let's all support bilingualism!

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