Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lovely Links

Marlo Thomas talks about the need for new leaders in the women's movement.

Okay, so College Humor videos suck like 99% of the time and I'm not sure why I continue to watch them, but this one is really funny and feminist.

Colorlines writer Akiba talks about why she won't go see The Help.

Sociological Images talks about Smurfette and sexism. Okay, it's interesting, but at the same time, it's not the 80s and I don't expect anyone to care about the movie in about 2 days, so I feel like conversations about Smurfette are somewhat drawn out. I mean, there is a principle name after her. At the same time, this is why Geena Davis sends out e-mails every week about why children's programming sucks. One female character in a movie full of (blue) dudes? We can get a movie about blue magical creatures for children but not one with actually diverse characters? It's a sad ass world we live in.

Bitch Magazine reached their goal of 1,500 new subscribers to stay in print! I subscribed, did you? If you haven't, you still can and should because independent feminist media is important!

This Tide detergent ad sucks. No, I will not take a side of homophobia with my clean underwear, thank you.

Does more gender equality mean more sex? One study suggests this. So, if gender equality does mean more sex, and people like sex, then that means that people will like gender equality. One can hope.

Michele Bachmann undoubtedly is awful in nearly every way possible, but Newsweek being sexist d-bags isn't acceptable either. As Feministing points out,
If you’re trying to illustrate the extremism of a politician’s views and find yourself relying on sexist, ableist tropes that have been used to discredit women since they first started fighting their way into the public sphere, just stop. The odds are good that Bachmann herself will make your point for you.

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