Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Awkward Episodes 5 & 6

I know I have catch up! My roommate is using the TV tonight so I will watch the episode that (it's 11:28PM as I'm typing this Tuesday night, so the episode is almost done) is happening now tomorrow and for now catch up with recapping The Best and Funniest Show Ever.

Episode 5: Jenna Lives
So in this episode Jenna starts noticing this weirdo dude wearing shirts around school saying "Jenna Lives." She is convinced that this is preventing Mattie from wanting to be with her publicly, as it's reminding people that she is alive, and once allegedly tried to commit suicide. Meanwhile, she keeps seeing Mattie with this girl who sort of looks like her, but who is way more glam. "Jenna Plus." This drives her insane, and she assaults the Jenna Lives dude and ends up in detention.
Detention happens to be with none other than Jenna Plus, who happens to be a detention freedom fighter, and sexual-tension plot device Jake. Jenna is forced to admit that she likes alternate universe version of herself, even if this Jenna Plus is Mattie's public significant other. Then while trying to communicate her boy issues anonymously to Jake, he interprets Jenna's strife as being about him and surprise-tonsil hockeys her. What!?!?!
The next day Jenna and Jenna Plus reunite post-detention with Mattie, and it turns out that Jenna Plus is actually Mattie's brother's on and off-again GF. Saved!
Jenna, feeling the crazy wave leave the shores of her mental stability, finds the Jenna Lives dude and apologizes for accusing him of being obsessed with her. But as she walks away we can see he has pics of her all up in his locker!!!!!

Episode 6: Queen Bee-atches
Jenna's mom wants to join The Knickknackers, an elite rich-mom charity group that's kind of like a sorority for moms. Unfortunately for Jenna, the mixer for potential members (pledges) is at... Sadie Saxton's house. This obviously doesn't bode well for Jenna, so she and Tamara escape upstairs to look at Satan's (Sadie's) bedroom.

Jenna: "What are you doing??"
Tamara: "I'm going to pee on her bed!"
Jenna: "What? You can't!"
Tamara: "You're right. It'll leave DNA."

Instead of peeing on her bed, Tamara discovers Sadie's journal, and Jenna makes off with it when they almost get caught by Lissa, who is too dumb to know what is happening. And the journal in question turns out to be Sadie's food journal.
Armed with potentially damaging information, Jenna feels conflicted, because she isn't actually evil. But Sadie is, and, not knowing that Jenna has her journal, continues her usual anti-Jenna crusade with a little more oomph after she has this really sort of touching breakdown at home about her weight and wanting to feel free in front of her mom, and her mom advises her to talk to "that girl Jenna" (who she met at the party) because "she has a lovely figure." (Oh, shit!)
But when Sadie passes on false info about Knickknackers pledging stuff to Jenna to sabotage her and her mother's chances (and when Jenna reads that Sadie wrote she was "an oozing skitch") (god, I love the vocab in this show), Jenna reveals to Sadie that she is not to be played with. She will return the journal when her mom gets a rich-lady-club bid. Jenna finally gets to exert some power over Sadie, but in a pretty kind way. I mean... blackmail is not kind, but this is the internet age, and she had the ability to do some real psychological damage. And she chose not to. That's a life lesson kids. Oh, girl world.
Also in this episode, Jake feels awks about Jenna, and in a panic, reveals that he kissed her to his BFF, Mattie. Mattie, BTW, has not even told Jake about his clandestine affair with Jenna. So this creates a little awkwardness. But you know... that's what this show is about.

Can't wait to watch the newest episode online tomorrow!

Also, if you feel like you can't live between episodes (I have this feeling, no shame), watch the webisodes on MTV.com.

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  1. I just watched the first episode! I love it! Sadly, the next ones will have to wait. I've got that school work stuff...