Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Awkward.: Episode 4, "The Scarlett Eye"

While everybody was making out in the hot tub at Alissa's party, Sadie dropped in some dog poop to break up the hormone parade. Which then gave everyone pink eye, which for some reason (ew, high schoolers are gross) then showed everyone at school that they were cool for having gone to the party. So even though Tamara just was in the hot tub and not making out with anyone, she has pink eye. Tamara loves this... perhaps a little too much.


Meanwhile, Ming is seriously PO'd that Jenna didn't clue her into the fact that she was hooking up with Matty, or that she could have gone to the party. Good! I was wondering in the previous episode where Ming was and thinking to myself that if they just let the Asian character be a no-personality friend... that would be bad. However, Ming is a really awesome character and good at calling Jenna on her BS in this episode, but MTV is going way too stereotypical (and racist) on Ming's family. "Tiger Moms" exist, but that's not every single Asian parent, and the show is just riding off people's assumptions about Asian teens and their home lives.

At this point, Jenna realizes that DTR is an issue ("OMG I need to stop thinking in abbreviations."), and vows not to hook up with Matty until she establishes something. Jenna's friends point out that she better establish something soon, because that night's bonfire is teenage hookup central (and is actually where Jenna was conceived), and Jenna doesn't want another situation like at Alissa's party. However, when she actually brings it up, Matty gives her the whole, "I think you're great and awesome and are so cool because you're different and yourself but I don't want to be in a relationship." Which translates to "I'm embarrassed to be seen with you because I'm a jock and an armpit sniffer." Jenna doesn't realize the translation though... hence the point of the show.

"I just want to be popular, and you are not. But let's keep having sex."
(Note, not an actual quote from the show.)

Oh, also, Tamara douses Sadie with a hose and reveals her fake pink eye! So sad... but also, good for you, Tamara. Knock that girl down a peg.

And phew, this time Jenna calls Ming and tells her about her DTR fail before she tells Tamara. I'm glad for an actual show where the characters have friends, since you know... most people have friends and I don't understand why TV writers continue to value relationship-screen time over friend-screen time. Happy medium, people! Friends talk about their relationships (and other stuff)! Since the show still has a ways to go, hopefully the racist stuff will be nixed because otherwise, I love Awkward.

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