Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Awkward.: Episode 3

Whoa, Episode 3 was an episode of hilaaaarious facial expressions.

So, it's pretty clear that Matty likes Jenna, even if that isn't clear to anyone else. Like Jenna. Or maybe even Matty. What is clear is that Jenna is way more into him than he is into her. I just read Kathleen Bogle's book Hooking Up (which is awesome--so interesting. I know this--I'm in college, but I still learned a lot) so I was framing a lot of this episode in reference to what Bogle talks about in her study of college hookup culture. For whatever reasons, wanting to be free, desire to stay popular, wariness of Jenna's social standing--Matty will not commit. The scene where they're having sex in the playhouse and Jenna asks him a bunch of questions rapid-fire to attempt to get to know him is so funny! God, I love this show. ("Elipses are the sluts of punctuation.")

So the major drama of this episode is that Jenna is interested in defining the relationship ("DTR"... what show/movie is that from? I'm blanking.) but doesn't know how to bring it up. She wrestles with the fact that they're having all this sex but don't have a real emotional connection (which reminded me of day one of sex ed in high school where we had to talk about levels of emotional and physical intimacy before we could put condoms on replica penises). Matty tells Jenna she should go to Alissa's house for a party that weekend (which Jenna's mom hilariously gets so pumped about--possibly a reference to the future of MTV's future Teen Mom stars?) so she and Tamara show up, to an unhappy Sadie and Alissa.

Okay, so I was the kid in high school who watched a lot of movies and read a lot of non-fiction, so I did not actually go to parties that were not of the birthday-sleepover variety, so I don't actually know how high school parties go. In any case, I think the kick-off in this episode was funny and accurate in a lot of ways. High school/college students tend to feel like alcohol gives them free range to do ridiculous stuff, and while it may psychologically, it looks ridiculous to other people. Both Sadie and Alissa are threatened by Jenna--Sadie because she's into Matty and Alissa because she's paranoid about her relationship with Jake. See picture below. (Hilarious! This show kills me.)

While Tamara is having the time of her life snapping cell phone pics in an attempt to gain popularity (the satire in this show is so on) Jenna sums up her sucky time: "I was putting up with a bunch of assicles just to hang with Matty." And Matty just ignores her. Which is where a sane person would hand her a copy of He's Just Not That into You, or perhaps a copy of Hooking Up, but emotions are hard, dude. And even more complex because Sadie is trying really hard to to get with Matty too. And Sadie has to deal with her dumb friend Alissa fat-shaming her all over the place.

So essentially Jenna is the odd girl out, and even more out when she sees another girl all over Matty in the hot tub. Damn. Meanwhile, Alissa is conflicted because she feels Jake pulling away (because she's nuts) but doesn't want to give up her abstinence vow. Sadie tells her the loophole is anal sex... which fortunately Jake declines when she drunkenly offers it as their 3-month anniversary present. He finds Jenna crying outside and offers to drive her home. And while they're talking Jenna comes to the realization that she knows Jake a lot better than she knows Matty, despite all the sexing. I like that there's no judgement on this show--Jenna is not a "slut" for having sex, she simply has it and she does so safely (and doesn't always enjoy it, thank god that perspective is in there. You don't just turn into Samantha Jones as soon as you become sexually active.) But it is bringing up a important point: that emotional and physical intimacy are connected and depending on what you want, you maybe shouldn't put up with someone else's crap if they're not on your level.

PS: Love the introduction of "assicle" to my vocabulary.

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  1. i love that sex sceane ,ugh i had to hump something after seeing it i was having an orgasim ugh ugh uh uh