Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why are Awesome Shows Always In Plain Sight?

I watch a lot of television. This is true. Rarely on an actual television, but that's beside the point. I love it. And so when I am introduced to a new (to me) and wonderful show, I am both a.) elated that I have more TV to watch (especially if it's all on Netflix instant) and b.) angry at myself for not jumping on the bandwagon earlier.

This weekend, between rounds of learning the words to "Love Your Vagina," my friend Emma and I watched In Plain Sight. Thank god she introduced that show to me, it is right up my ally. I have just finished season 1 and will surely blast through the next 2 seasons on Netflix ASAP.

Okay, so there are lots of reasons to love this show. Numero uno being Marshall Mary Shannon, my new favorite TV badass. I'm always on the lookout for good female characters and she is awesome. She is quite literally the best. She's flawed, but she's a good person. Also, so, so funny.

Numero dos is the dialogue... it's so good. USA has even introduced this clever Mary Wisecrack Generator... it's a beautiful thing. I love dialogue so much, and it's really an underrated part of TV these days, and it's just so good on this show.

Tres: Marshall Marshall Mann. That is all.

Numero cuatro is the writing. This is a well-conceived show. God, why am I so behind? (Although I'm sure in a couple days... I won't be.) I love crime-related dramas, and In Plain Sight is a good alternative to the investigative crime dramas that tend to dominate storylines. The Witness Protection Program! So interesting.

Reason #cinco is Mary's family. I like them. They suck, but are endearing and interesting, and a good foil for Mary. There's a great balance between the main characters on this show, and I effing love it.

Alright... well, that's really all I have to say because I am going to start watching season 2 right now.

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