Monday, July 18, 2011

Switched at Birth Episode 7: The Stag Hunt

Secrets! Secrets! Secrets!

What an episode!

Buckner Academy sends out an e-mail because, duh, fancy ass private schools figure it out when tests get stolen. And when their students pay $1,000 for a peep. Uh-oh, Toby's debt has been paid, but he might get in trouble. Cue melodramatic pulling away.

Bay continues her search for her bio-dad. Now that she knows his name, she googles the Angelo Sorrento's in the area and finds a DJ of the same name. Emmett is down to go find him, but when Daphne catches on, she's kind of pissed. When the heck did Emmett start hanging out with Bay!?

Meanwhile, things are getting hot and heavy with Regina and Bruce. Ow! Sexy adult sex. But, womp-womp, Catherine is still not all that happy with the pairing. First of all, her nosey friend, and one of Bruce's ex-wives, Denise, keeps making a big deal of it. So when Bruce brings an earring over for Catherine to deliver to Regina... and the earring turns out to be Denise's... Catherine feels obligated to let Regina know that Denise is an XWSEX with Bruce. Turns out, Bruce is living up to his player reputation. ("Player" is an incredibly useful word. When my Ecuadorian friend and I taught each other slang words from our respective first-languages, one of the first words I taught her was "player," which she has found immeasurably useful. Especially with Ecuadorian guys.)

Toby confesses to Catherine that he was the one who stole the tests and sold them. This is Catherine's worst nightmare. I mean, obviously it's a parenting issue (rich TV parents tend to not be good ones), but Catherine is really concerned with her image, so when Denise starts complaining about her delinquent heirs buying tests, Catherine can't be high and mighty about her perfect children. Because she doesn't have perfect children. She has test-stealing children.

Regina confronts Bruce about his sex with the ex. He confesses, no shame, it wasn't exclusive... but Regina's no dummy, so she breaks it off. Too messy. So she goes to tell Catherine it's over. Catherine tells Regina that's just what friends do. Regina points out that they're not friends, and Catherine points out that "friends" is the easiest thing to call them. Until some fun acronym comes along. I will start brainstorming.

Wilke confesses to test-stealing, so he gets suspended and Toby is in the clear. So he's totally feeling good. But Bay, in an act of good siblingtude, realizes it's intervention time. She's been a lot nicer in the past 2 episodes, much less moody. She and Daphne ask Regina to give Toby the addict talk. He can't go on like this 1.) because even rich people run out of money, and 2.) because his addiction to gambling is controlling him. He needs to be accountable to someone other than himself. So he goes to his dad. (What about Gambler's Anonymous? No? Still too public for the Kennishes?) They hug. I'm glad there's some affectionate masculinity being shown, but why haven't I heard the word "grounded" in this episode?

Daphne confronts Regina about her dad (Bay's bio-dad), who walked out on them when she was 2. Did he leave because she was deaf? Regina tells her it's because he was too weak to belong to a family. If he could see the great young woman Daphne has grown into he'd be sorry, but that doesn't change the fact that he was a losah 14 years ago. Good, but vague, answer. Obviously the questions have begun for Daphne, and those are hard to quash in a teenager.

Amid the family drama, Bay and Emmett continue to hang out. And Bay's been learning sign language! They dance to the tape that Bay's bio-dad made that they found together. Regina walks in on this cute-fest and doesn't realize where the song is from... Right. But she's a down lady and lets them get back to their pre-relationship relationship. Even though Ty was hot, I've gotta say, thank god for an age-appropriate relationship for Bay. When I had 15 year old campers who talked about having 18 and 19 year old boyfriends I was so uncomfortable with that. Ick. Anyway, even if I hadn't seen the preview, I would have totally known that they were going to kiss by the end of the episode. I wasn't a teenager that long ago, and teens do not get that close together unless there is some real sexual tension. BUT WHAT ABOUT EMMETT'S RULE ABOUT HEARING PEOPLE!?

Dapnhe decides to go with Bay and Emmett to see this Angelo Sorrento that Bay found, if only to chew him out. Turns out, he's a DJ at a gay club. Because he's gay. And definitely not the Angelo Sorrento who was with Regina. (BTW Emmett's signing diversion to get into the club was hilarious! He is one of my favorite TV characters.) Drat! Bay says she's donezo with looking for her dad, but we know that's not true. She brings up the guitar case with Daphne, who protects her mom's right to privacy, but is obviously interested. Too many damn secrets!

Daphne asks Emmett what's going on between him and Bay. Nothing! He says. Daphne, who is no fool, keeps at it. Uh, then why all the hanging out? Everyone knows teenage boys and girls don't hang out alone unless they're interested in heavy petting. This isn't the effing Disney Channel. What about his beef with Liam? Deaf and hearing people can't be in a relationship? Although he doesn't reiterate that statement, he asserts there's nothing going on, but we all know that's a lie. Nothing going on yet. We watched the preview.

John is interested in figuring out what the hospital has on their case, so he keeps calling them and eventually stalks his golf buddy at work to find out what he doesn't know. (Side note: doesn't John ever work?) What could they possibly have on John and Catherine! Exasperated hospital dude who doesn't want to get stalked anymore says it's nothing to do with them, it's the "other one." Meaning Regina. Quoi? What could it be? More reason for Catherine and Regina to fight no doubt.

Emmett goes to Bay's school the next day, and she's surprised to see him there. Daphne doesn't have her cooking class! But he's there to see Bay. Aw, yeah. We all know what's coming. Emmett says that he likes her. Bay hasn't learned that sign yet, but she gets it when they kiss. Adorable! But this will surely cause drama later. I'm so pleased.

When Regina goes to girltalk at Melody's house, Daphne makes a break for the guitar case, which is locked with one of those number-locks. She gets out her cell phone and converts the numbers into words, and eventually gets to the combo "B-A-Y." And it opens. Surprise! And when she opens it... wait, what the fcrasfjhal?! Surveillance-style pictures of Bay and old report cards? This is the point in the episode that my mom and I both started yelling things like, "OH! WHAT A TWIST!" Regina has known about Bay for a really long time. Which sort of makes sense, because as my mom has been complaining, how did the parents not notice the difference between a dark-haired baby and a red-haired baby? Regina is apparently a little smarter than the Kennishes, but I suspected that anyway. Oh, damn! What a twist! I did not see that one coming. I thought this was going to be more daddy-issue stuff!


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