Monday, July 11, 2011

Switched at Birth Episode 6: The Persistence of Memory

The theme of this episode was character development for all! Just kidding, it was The Persistence of Memory, which is also the title. Character development also occurred.

Catherine continues her meddling in a seemingly harmless way for once, and gets Daphne into the advanced cooking class at Buckner since she's so good at it anyway. However, Daphne doesn't want an interpreter, or as she calls them, "a stalker." It turns out that taking a cooking class sans interpreter is a little harder than she thought. Reading lips doesn't help when timers go off behind your back and teachers don't face the front when they speak.

In earlier episodes, Daphne's days at a hearing school were alluded to, as were her terrible experiences there. Regina reminds her that she just has to work twice as hard, and duh, this seems unfair to Daphne. She may be cheerful and optimistic, but she is a teenager and a human, and we all want things to be easy and strife-free. I think the POV-y segments with Daphne and Daphne and Emmett are really interesting. The majority of the show features speaking and sound, but occasionally there are times when Daphne and Emmett are signing to each other that only feature ambient sound and I think those are really interesting. In this episode where Daphne is feeling frustrated at Buckner trying to keep up, and then trying to avoid feeling intimidated by the hearing kids (rich kids can SUCK!), there are a few shots without sound and I think it's really well-done. Daphne's frustration is so much clearer and, I bet, a good approximation for hearing-fans of how coexisting in hearing and deaf culture isn't simple.

Over at the country club, John chats with a member of the hospital board, who tells him a lawsuit isn't going to end well for him (John). John feels he's entitled to some $$ and refuses to back down. Then he wines to Catherine about it. I work 40 hours a week so I feel little sympathy for the millionaire characters sitting at a country club whining about settlements.

Meanwhile, Toby is asked to pony up the whopping $10,000 he owes his friend, Wilke. Wow, what!? What kind of friends bet that kind of money? How did they not know that would end badly? Anyway, to make it up, Toby offers to enter some underground employment for Wilke to make it up. I assumed it would be weed or Ritalin, but it was actually test stealing. Turns out at Buckner Academy lazy students will shell out $1,000 for a copy of a test. What?! How did I not get into that kind of business? Well, I have 2 more undergrad semesters... Just kidding, I'm going to get a job at school like a normal poor person.

Now that Ty is out to army, Bay has decided to fixate on a new man. Or old man. Or mystery man. I mean her dad. Regina won't tell her anything, but like the entitled millionaire teen she was nurtured to be, Bay cannot leave it alone. Daphne gave Bay a picture of Regina while she was pregnant, and when Bay runs into Emmett, he offers to help her figure out who her dad is through the picture of the car. Pidgin-ASL-English ensues, it's kind of adorable. Is that the scent of a budding romance flower between Emmett an Bay? Probably. I support this. Lord knows we need more love triangles on this show. Bay with Emmett in this episode is actually the first time she's been consistently nice. Is the girl growing as a person!???! I think she is.

Emmett remembers that Regina stored some boxes in his garage, so when Melody is out, he and Bay take a look see for some clues and actually come up with his name! It's kind of common, but a start!

After Daphne's initial disaster at cooking class, Catherine asks her if she would be interested in a cochlear implant. Since Daphne brings this up with Regina, Regina is PO'd that Catherine is sticking her entitled pilates butt in her business, so she confronts her. CIs are not a "treatment" because deafness is not a a sickness. There are risks, and they're not perfect. I've known kids with CIs and they are not an end-all "fix" for deafness. The girls I knew who had them had to take them out for swimming (this was at summer camp) and charge them at night. Regina challenges Catherine to stop expecting Daphne to accommodate her and start learning sign language. Seems fair. I usually watch on hulu and can copy down quotes, but I watched it live so ... I forget. Regina said something really good.

Daphne opens up to Bay about why her hearing school sucked and why she was having a hard time at Buckner. And how she and Emmett became friends! Bonding! Bay and Daphne have such a strange relationship... and it's usually tense, so this was a really nice conversation between them. And Bay is actually nice to her. She tells her that if she could survive that traumatic experience, she can handle Buckner. Daphne returns to class with her interpreter and talks to the teacher. She can do class, and when she needs help she'll ask, and the teacher shouldn't slow down because Daphne has no problem with the material. Then she slams the icky girls who talk behind her back. Yeah! Girl can stand up for herself these days.

And... Toby's foray into the criminal world might not have been so simple. Drat! Wilke (what a ridiculous name. However, I went to private school, so I believe it) says that trouble is a brewin'. But that's for next episode.

In the end, Catherine visits Regina in the guest house, and looking like she's a little constipated, apologizes and tells Regina she wants to learn ASL. In sign language. She and Regina hug. It takes a lot to learn another language for someone, but when that someone is your biological daughter, that's kind of extra motivation. Good for you, Catherine, finally.

John decides to back down on the lawsuit and take the settlement. However, the hospital suddenly pulls their offer. Do they have something against the Kennish's case?

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say that I love your reviews. Television Without Pity dismissed this show after hearing the premise, so I had to turn elsewhere for snark, and I'm glad I found your blog. Keep it up!