Monday, July 25, 2011


Lady explorers and photographers, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher talk about their work.

Slutwalk redux with Rebecca Traister and Feministing writers

Still separated and still unequal--a high school in Arkansas proves that racism is alive and still sucking in America. What's that idiots who said that since we have a Black president there is no racism?

The From the Back of the Room trailer looks awesome.

Can Snow White be modernized into a girl-power flick? K-Stew is involved so I am skeptical. I want my girl-power with a little less blinking and lip-biting.

However I totally support a Guillermo Del Toro adaptation of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson. That sounds like pure win to me. Emma Watson is awesome.

Some good media news out of England for a change.

Mariah Carey might be ca-ca-crazy. Or a new mother. These two things may be one in the same.

A whole buncha gays got gay-married! Listen to Portraits from the New York City Marriage Bureau.

And more possible good news: Could Birth Control go No Co-Pay?

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