Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feminism In Plain Sight

I'm all caught up with In Plain Sight. And this is an awesome, really pro-feminist show!

5 Reasons why In Plain Sight is My New Favorite Feminist Show:

1.) Mary's an awesome badass. She takes down bad guys with gusto, never worries about being pretty or feminine (or nice), and is the top in her field. She's also smart AND funny, which tends to be an either/or thing for female TV characters.

2.) Mary's family, her mother, Jinx, and sister, Brandi, both kind of suck at the beginning. But as the series goes on, neither remains static. Brandi's and Jinx's lives both hit basically rock bottom, but they both work back up. They start out as hopelessly ditzy stereotypes, but are more than that.

3.) The writers add consistently awesome, strong female characters. I think this is partly because the contrast of Mary against other female characters is great, but I think they're also probably concerned in creating a show that is gender-balanced. The intros of Eleanor Prince (Holly Maples), Marshall Delia Parmalee (Tangie Ambrose), Detective Abigail Chaffee (Rachel Boston), Allison Pearson (Allison Janney), and Theresa Simmons (Erica Alexander) aren't just characters introduced to be extra female bodies, but are super-accomplished, super-smart, interesting people.

4. Mary is really sexually independent. She has her issues, but she's not a character who's written to be totally reliant on having a boyfriend. (This is where I take fault with two of my other favorite TV badasses, Buffy Summers and Veronica Mars. Even though they have a ton of other stuff to fill up plot, the writers made their boy-drama almost an all-consuming part of their identities. I love a lil boy drama, but after a while it just got repetitive. On Veronica Mars it was literally repetitive.) She's been in serious relationships as well as had one night stands. When she gets pregnant in season 4, once she comes to terms with the fact that she is, in fact, pregnant, she decides to give the thing renting her womb up for adoption. And even though in the last episode I think it made it seem like she was a little on the fence about adoption, I hope the writers still go with the adoption thing. It's much more consistent with her character, and adding a baby to the cast is so cliché.

5.) Marshall Mann's feminist rant about season 4's episode Love in the Time of Colorado. And I thought I loved him before. Duh, I love him more now! This episode also had Mary's awesome meta-analysis of rom-com suckage.

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