Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awkward Episode 2: Knocker Killer

So at the end of the first episode things were looking up. Maybe Jenna could overcome all her awkward obstacles and become a triumphant teenage weirdo...

But that wouldn't make for a very interesting show. Although Jenna gets her behemoth cast off, she still has a ginormous sling because she got freaked out at the doctor's, fainted, and fell off the table.

Back at school, Jenna is obsessing over Matty. And duh! She's 15 and lost her virginity to a dude who more or less ignores that she exists. And he's hot. (Beau Mirchoff, who plays Matty, was born the same year as me, thank god high schoolers never play high schoolers.) However, all this pent-up teenage angst is pretty pent up-- considering she hasn't even gotten around to telling her BFF Tamara that she and Matty hooked up. Kind of like a reverse Easy-A.

Sadie, head cheerleader/resident high school Mean Girl, has it in for Jenna. She uses Alyssa, who is her BFF/minion, by building up her insecurities to get her to take a cell phone picture of Jenna while she's changing for gym which, like cell phone boobie pics of teenage girls do, spreads around the school like wildfire. And amidst the collective obsessing over her boobs, Jenna overhears Matty telling people there isn't "much to see." Ouch! I liked Tamara's reaction to Jenna's crushing crush moment: "He is so the what in whatever!"

God, I love the dialogue in this show! "I needed to tell Tamara that I had given Matty the gift of my vagi." As far as witty dialogue goes, I would say this is on par with Easy A and Juno. Teenagers speak in weirdass made-up lingo! I mean... I still do, deffo. Why is this show so freaking SHORT though?? Only 20 minutes! And it only comes on once a week! Augh, stab me in the heart why don't you, MTV?

Jenna's child-mother offers to buy her a boob job after she hears about the Knocker Nightmare on her newsfeed. (Okay, they establish in this episode that Jenna's parents were teenagers when she was born, however, I'm pretty sure the actors playing her parents are too young for even that. JUST SAYING.) Jenna asks her mom to stop trying to give her body dysmorphic disorder. (Really, thank the freaking lord of television for this dialogue! I want to kiss the feet of the writers of this show!)

Meanwhile Jake, who is deffereff going to be Jenna's love interest in about half an episode more, is all about being nice to Jenna through her hardships, which might give Alyssa an aneurism. Especially since Jake is saying that the person who sent the cell phone pics is evil, and Alyssa is that person.

Sadie confesses to the cell phone drama in a meeting with Jenna and dysfunctional guidance counselor, Val, in what was a truly hilarious but also genius scene. I really like Sadie's character. Besides being mean and a cheerleader, Sadie is also a bigger girl, which adds an interesting dimension to her character. Her body-image issues are wildly different than her friend Alyssa's, and from Jenna's bizarre injury-related insecurities. But they motivate her aggression, and after a second (accidental) humiliation from Jenna, Sadie is going to be un-yeilding in her mean. Mean characters are rarely every geniuses, and while Sadie is no genius, she knows how to get what she wants, and her manipulation of Valerie in the scene was so on point of ... actually how a lot of women think they should act, and was just very, very funny.

That night while Jenna and Tamara are talking on the phone, Jenna finally tells her BFF that she had sex with Matty. But just as Tamara demands deets, Matty shows up at Jenna's window with the Jenna boob-pictures he tore down from the school. What a knight in shining armor. They make out. Note--this is still in private. Matty is insecure too (ohmygod ARMPIT SNIFFING! So funny!), and I knew even before I saw the preview for next week's episode that this did not spell out Jenna's path to going steady with Matty.

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