Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday after work I stood on the street with my parents (we all work together... me just for the summer) and as they were talking a man walked by from the bar next door, looked at me and said, "Smile, smile!" as he passed by.

"No!" I said, in a mature grossed-out voice.

Mom: You should have beat him up, you're her father!
Dad: What did he say? Smile?
Me: Yeah.
Dad: We Prides are notoriously glum--
Me: No, he was sexually harassing me.
Dad: That was harassment?
Me: Yeah, guys say that to women all the time because they expect us to be smiling and available all the time.
Dad: Are you sure...?
Me: Yeah, guys say it to me all the time and lots of women have it said to them. It's harassment.

Disconnect! [face-palm]

But fortunately...

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