Monday, June 27, 2011

Women's Studies: The Horror Movie

This looks... awful. Really, really awful. Potentially so bad that it's funny though? But as the youtube description tells me it's on Netflix... I may watch it. From IMDB:
Women's Studies is the story of a pregnant grad student and her friends who are held captive at a women's academy that's actually a cult of feminists bent on the enslavement of men. A look at groupthink, women's issues, and how blind belief in a one-sided dogma can create a terrorist.
It sounds like it was written by a man about his fears and insecurities about women... la la la, let's take a look, OH, there we go, it was!

One review I found said,
The concept of women killing men or having them as zombie slaves to feel empowered is quite comedic, and completely, I feel, against the whole concept of feminism. A few scenes which were particularly misogynistic, were these cult members having sex with men just to kill them, and even owning a strip bar. The strip bar would have worked in concept, to draw the stereotypical sexist man in to be killed, but why have sex with them first?

The script is trying to make a point about feminism but comes across as anti-men, while still being misogynistic; it’s all a bit of a contradiction, especially with the movie being written and directed by a man – Lonnie Martin. I think you have to watch the movie with tongue stuck firmly in cheek; however the subject matter is a bold and fresh idea.
In any case, it looks freakishly horrible, and if I feel like wasting a couple hours soon I might watch it.

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