Thursday, June 30, 2011

Switched at Birth Episode 4: Dance Amongst Daggers

Still LOVING Switched at Birth. It's so good! All the elements of a show that I love. Sibling rivalry... switched at birth children rivalry... love triangles... adult drama... socio-economic brackets mixing... All that good stuff.

In this episode the Kennishes hosted the annual fundraising auction for Bay's and Toby's fancy school. This kind of plot device is the stuff of champions. Viewers love to root for the poor underdogs (Daphne, Regina) but like to do so in a comfortable millionaire setting (the Kennish family home). Like, you know, in every show ever. The Humphreys in Gossip Girl, Ryan in The OC, etc. Anyway, I think the show is generally doing an okay job with class issues. They're much more about confronting them and naming them than tokenizing them (a la The OC and GG). So it comes out that Daphne is dating Bay's ex, Liam, from her school! What?! NO! Teen drama commence!

Of course, Bay has been seeing Ty all the time that Daphne has been hanging out with Liam. What!? NO! But Ty and Daphne were just friends, right??? Well, that will be revealed next episode, maybe.

Anyway, Bay is overdramatic and bitchy about Daphne dating Liam, and makes herself known. Daphne, other than her initial shock about Bay with Ty, leaves that alone because she's a lot more mature than spoiled Bay.

I just want to note that even though Bay is like a really shitty and moody teenager, I still like her character. Daphne is nicer and much more likeable, but I think Vanessa Marano is doing well portraying Bay in such a way that you still hope that she grows and becomes a little less petty and teenagerish.

So, obvious love ven diagrams emerge. AND, although it was hinted at before, it's made clear that Daphne's best friend, Emmett, has a crush on her as well. Emmett is upset that Daphne is dating a hearing person and insists that Liam will never be able to understand her (the way he does) because they are hearing impaired and Liam is not. The implication is that Emmett thinks he is perfect for Daphne. Personally, Liam is too sticky sweet for me. I think this is the writers' fault, but I'm rooting for Emmett because he's funny and Liam is kind of dullsville.

Meanwhile, Catherine is in her own public relations personal hell because of all the gossip going around. Regina doesn't really care what people think, so it doesn't bother her. However, when she senses things are happening that might push Catherine over the edge, she intervenes (if only because she recognizes an unhappy Catherine will make her life really difficult).

Bay tells Daphne that she crossed a line with Liam, which isn't really true, but Daphne breaks up with him anyway after being guilted by Bay AND the ultimate virgin-shaming line, "But I know how to keep a guy interested." OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. No she didn't!

But she did. So Daphne breaks up with Liam, and despite his protests, ends it with this GREAT line, "I don't know what to call her, I don't even know if I like her, but she is the only one on the planet who understands what I'm going through."

Good point! Bay is not nice and maybe doesn't deserve your grace, but ruling her out as an ally is not smart!

So Daphne, depressed, wanders around contemplatively just as Emmett storms out, angry after watching her and Liam make lovey-eyes at each other all night. Thank god, strife. This show can have 10 seasons running on the love lives of just these few characters. Anyway, Ty shows up at this point and he and Bay leave together almost immediately, as Daphne stares them down. Whatthacrap, Bay?! Really? If she were really so upset about Liam she would not be in this new, volatile and passionate teen relationship with Ty (who is so cute, BTW). Daphne has a right to be angry. I hope this anger erupts next episode!


  1. i l-o-v-e this show:) it has the drama and the romance:) haha plus very entertaining to see the different families bond

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