Thursday, June 23, 2011

Switched at Birth Episode 3

So far I am really liking Switched at Birth. This episode was about how Bay and Daphne are looking at their new relationships with their bio-dads, and in Bay's case, lack of relationship. (Hence the George Michael.)

I love this whole nature vs. nurture thing they've got going on. So while Bay has these definite similarities to Regina (bio-Mom) and Daphne has definite similarities to John and Kathryn (her bio-parents), both the characters were clearly raised by another person. The struggle that Bay feels in negotiating being an outsider, a rebel, and with the newfound parts of her identity (her forays into "authentic" Mexican food is kind of funny and a really good class-critique) is really clear. And Daphne has also a lot of qualities that Regina has, and while she's been really out-going and tried hard to be included with the Kennishes, her bio-parents, in this episode it becomes really clear how she struggles with not being used to them and questions her ability to relate to them.

I like that John/Kathryn and Regina are handling their new parenting roles differently and finally in this episode we get a little insight to why Kathryn is so friggin uptight about the whole thing and Regina is holding back from trying to get to know Bay.

This clip is SUPER interesting, it talks about the behind the scenes stuff that goes on to make sure the depiction of ASL and Deaf Culture is accurate. Also this article is great, talking to Katie LeClerc and Sean Berdy, who play Daphne and Emmett talking about being hearing impaired and working on the show.

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